Reality Check: “I Will Never Be As Good As Ronaldo/Messi” – Eden Hazard!

Is Eden Hazard in the class of Messi and Ronaldo? Will the Belgian ever surpass or even match the freaking numbers of La Liga duo? Will he, one day, beat Messi and Ronaldo for Ballon D’Or?

Well, no one likes comparisons. Yet, all we have been hearing for the last couple of years has been the unmatched qualities and abilities of Eden Hazard and how he has the potential to challenge the “freak duo” in becoming the best player in the world, some day!

What hasn’t helped the matter much is Hazard constantly being talking about those guys and how he wants to stand alongside them in terms of the footballing numbers.

Yes, ambition isn’t a bad thing, but the media is well versed in hyping up little details to make it look big which imminently puts extra pressure on the Chelsea winger to perform/score/assist week in week out. We all know that ain’t gonna happen in Premier League and it was time Hazard realized that too:

“I ask myself what I can do to become like Messi and Ronaldo, and score 50 or 60 goals in a season.

“I try, but I realize that I will never be a true scorer. It is not in me. It is mainly mental. Sometimes I still think after a goal, ‘that’s enough’.

“I’m not in search of records like some other players. If I can score between 15 and 20 goals each season, I will be very happy.

“I’m at a peak of my career, but I want to become even better every day. I’m not there yet.”

Source – SkySports

While, some of the fans might feel a bit demotivated with the above statement by Hazard, I, for one, feel better!

There’s just no way any other footballer in our generation is capable of putting on the Messi/Ronaldo numbers, and that is a fact!

Those two players are “once in a generation” kind of freaks and while, Eden Hazard is a superb and brilliant talent who has the ability to impact the result of a game on his own; comparing him, or any other players be it Neymar or Suarez or Bale to a Messi/Ronaldo is completely unjustified! The sooner Hazard realized that the better.

Although, I still think we are yet to see the best of Eden and I still maintain that the Belgian is capable of scoring 25-30 goals in a season if he can be more consistent with his shooting. Having Pedro on the opposite wing is certainly gonna help him in that regard as the defenders will have other goalscoring threat to worry about rather than ganging up on him every damn time!

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