READ Jose Mourinho’s Post Match Reaction – “I Am A Fantastic Manager!”

Woah! So that’s how it feels like to win a match so comfortably?

Surely, it has been ages since we won a match comfortably. I can’t even seem to remember the last time we were so carefree as a fan while watching the Blues play. That winning feeling, that winning mentality seemed to be lacking until last night and even Jose acknowledged that in his post match interview:

“I forgot the feeling. For so long we don’t win a game, so good, a good feeling.

“I am a fantastic manager when I win matches and I am a fantastic manager when I lose matches.”

He is indeed “the special one!” However, comfortable win or not, everything wasn’t so rosy for the Blues. The early penalty miss had drawn some scare among the Chelsea faithful, but Mourinho thinks it was good that we managed to fluff up such an easy chance at the start:

“The penalty we missed was a big test for us. When you start a game you have to win and after five minutes you miss a penalty, it is an extra negative episode and our reaction was very good.

“The same way I was not in hell with bad results, I am not in heaven we won a game.”

The test of character, that penalty miss; and we came out with flying colours at the end! Brilliant! Mourinho also had few encouraging words for the fans who showed full support for Mourinho at the Bridge yesterday, singing his name all night long:

“I prefer that than they say ‘Mourinho out’ and they boo me and so on.

“It shows they don’t read papers or they don’t have short memories. If they don’t read papers they support me. If they don’t have short memories, they support me.

“We won four Premier Leagues, three with him and one with his team. This guy is not bad. Let’s support the guy. We have a chance to win the fifth.”

He is the best manager in the world, no doubt, and I am happy that we, the fans, recognize that. This is no time for booing or criticizing rather stand behind the team and the manager. A loss/draw against Maccabi yesterday could have been a disaster, but a win means, we would be full of confidence when we face off Arsenal in 2 days time:

“For all of us to wake up after a defeat, to go to Cobham again, to train again after a defeat, two days before a derby against Arsenal, I could imagine how difficult it would be for everyone.

“I have a lot of thinking always. I try to read the game before it starts and I have a lot of thinking before Arsenal.”

Mourinho also had a cheeky answer when he was quizzed about the loss of both the Manchester clubs and Arsenal in the opening game of the Champions League:

“It’s bad news for English football.

“I’m not happy with that. I want Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal to lose in the Premier League – not in the Champions League.”

Source – BBC

Yes. Hopefully, we can overcome the Arsenal challenge on the weekend with a similar kind of performance and get our Premier League season back on track!

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