READ – Jose Mourinho HILARIOUSLY Trolls Wenger Yet Again!

If there’s one thing with Jose Mourinho you can bet on (other than winning trophies of course) it’s his ability to troll other managers by using his tongue in cheek replies.

Now, there have been several managers who have had the opportunity of being trolled by “the special one” himself, there’s one manager, of a certain club, who seems to enjoy making fun of himself by giving up to Jose’s mind games every single time; Arsene Wenger!

It’s been a decade really and one would think that Wenger would understand better by now instead of being drawn into Jose’s games, but that doesn’t seem to be the case really.

After yet another press conference full of moans and cries after the loss against Jose yesterday, what Wenger needed was a bit of trolling and Jose duly obliged, yet again:

“I think Arsenal has the squad to be champions. And every season I feel that. I like every player. I tell you if one of their players is a free agent and they don’t want him there, I get every one. I like all of their players.”

Source – espnfc

That’s indirectly a dig on Arsene Wenger saying that Arsenal has the squad to be a Champion, but all they manage in the end is a 4th place finish! Specialist in failure indeed.

Maybe, if Wenger put more focus on his squad and try to be competent for once, instead of laying excuses and moaning around, the Frenchman might win something worthwhile.

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