READ – Jose Mourinho Explains The Reason To Start Zouma Over Terry

Finally a sweet, sweet victory at the Bridge!

The thing is even when we are horribly out of form and sitting just above the relegation zone, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger can never conspire to be a problem for us! Well, that’s what you get with having Jose Mourinho as your manager.

Although, the one thing, that did stand out in our victory yesterday was John Terry dropping down to the bench, yet again. The tabloids are picking up the story, making up feuds and controversies and baseless rumors so, Jose Mourinho found it only right to clear the air yet again over our “Captain, Leader and Legend”:

“John Terry doesn’t need me to speak with him because he knows what I feel and think. He knows he’s my man. If I have to choose one of 25 to be my man he’s the first. He knows I care about him as a player and a person. He knows my decision had only one intention, which was to help my team win the match.

“I thought Arsenal would come to play a defensive game, with a very fast striker who gets behind people. If we didn’t need to win the game so much we probably would have kept our block lower and more compact, but because we desperately needed a victory we couldn’t wait, we had to bring our defensive line up.”

Yes, we desperately needed a victory, and if the incompetent tabloids and pundits had a little sense they would know that Walcott is fast. I mean the fastest in the League! And against the fastest player in the League, you would probably need your fastest defender, right? Or does it make too much of a sense for the haters?

“Playing against Walcott, the best player we have is Zouma. John knows how I think and if he’s normally a great captain, today he was even better. If every player had lots of respect for him, the way he’s reacted in the last days to this situation, he has even more respect from the players. If you want to paint a dark picture, I ask you please don’t because it’s not the reality. He’s in great condition and a great situation with the manager and club.”

Source – Chelseafc

Just look at the way John Terry celebrated and appreciated the goal scored by Zouma and you would know that he is the best Captain ever!

It makes sense, though, playing Zouma in a high block because he has the speed to recover fast; just look at his delightful tackle on Walcott in the first half which had the crowd on its feet and you would know. But, I guess, it’s too much to hope from the tabloids to understand these sort of things. Meanwhile, we look to be back on the right track!

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