READ – Costa’s Ban Upheld But Gabriel Gets A Free Pass – CAN “FA” GET MORE BIASED THAN THIS?

Not that I expected anything otherwise, but FA has upheld the 3 match ban of Costa.

I knew this was going to happen anyway, so no complaints there. But, the thing here is that FA has also overturned the ban on Arsenal’s defender Gabriel!

The same Gabriel who stamped Costa in front of the referee after he was booked with a yellow card! The same Gabriel who was going around pushing Oscar violently in front of the referee! If Diego Costa’s conduct was deemed to be violent on Koscielny, I don’t know how the hell does Gabriel escape away without any punishment?

This decision by FA is clearly influenced by the media’s campaign against Diego Costa and if anyone thinks otherwise he is a fool. I am sure now that the FA are clearly a bunch of biased people who have no footballing sense whatsoever.

I have seen countless quotes in the last few days from the former players supporting Costa, even an Arsenal legend, Martin Keown, has come up in support of the Spaniard but that hasn’t stopped FA from making moronic decisions.

Here’s what Pele had to say on the matter:

“Listen, this to me was so common,” a smiling Pele told AFP. “I suffered all my life with good marking. He’s a very good player, everybody knows. “This was one moment. The striker who bit someone, Luis Suarez, was worse than this.”
Source – Standard

Here’s what Man United legend Gary Neville tweeted of the FA decision:


Here’s a few words from Ledley King, the Spurs legend:

“Costa is clever and he probably picked on the right player and he got what he was looking for – Gabriel was naive in that sense. As a player, you have to figure out a way to get back at him at the best way possible.”

Source – London24

I could go on and on here and except the deluded Arsenal fans and the biased media, of course, no one thinks that Costa had done anything wrong there to deserve a three-match ban. If it was someone like Sergio Aguero or Harry Kane doing the same thing, it wouldn’t even have been a news, but because it was Costa, the Striker has to serve a ridiculous ban!

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