Press Conference – Baba And Oscar Fit To Start! “I am Still The Special One” Says Jose!

With the Champions League game against Maccabi Tel Aviv looming, it was time for Jose Mourinho’s very much awaited press conference.

A lot of questions needed to be answered by Jose, whether it was the fitness of Oscar or the opportunity for someone like Baba Rahman and Bertrand Traore to start on Wednesday. Let’s find out what the Portuguese had to say about all this:

The boss arrived with Asmir Begovic for the Conference and the first question, as expected, was regarding the mood in the dressing room after a horrible start to the League defense:

“You cannot expect we are all smiles, laughing and jokes. It;s a basic answer.

“When people is not getting the success that you work for people are frustrated and unhappy.”

So there are no problems in the Blues camp?

“The results are not good because that’s football and every season you have teams that don’t start well and it’s so easy to connect that with football, with injuries, with bad luck, with bad moments.

“It’s quite sad that so many people try to find problems when there are no problems.”

So, Mourinho is in no pressure or trouble whatsoever?

“We are not happy, but we know what we are.”

“I am the current champion of England, why should I be in trouble? Why?”

Finally a question on the Champions League. How important is tomorrow’s match? And how important is the fact that it would be a fresh start for the already battered squad?

“You are right, new competition, zero points for every one of the four teams and to start well at home is important.”

“I know two years ago we lost our first match at home and last year we drew where we put ourselves in a situation where we had to win our next match and if we in tomorrow we put ourselves in a better position.”

We have to go game by game. Especially in the Premiership. In the Champions League, we need to qualify because we are a Champions League team. We need to qualify because it’s important for the club’s status and it is important economically.”

So, can we expect some changes against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Wednesday? Maybe a debut for a couple of players?

“I can’t be worried about what you write. I can only be worried about my players… and yes, I have to make some changes.

“I am going to make a couple of changes to try a different dynamic and give a chance to players who aren’t playing.”

Although, he hasn’t made it clear, there’s an indication that we might see the likes of Loic Remy, Falcao etc. in the starting lineup. Great news!

On the question regarding our preparation for this game?

“We are ready if they come with five defenders, which is a little bit different.

“We trust ourselves and we think we can win the game.

“But respect [for the opposition] is important.”

Jose gets a bit riled when he is constantly asked about his “third season struggle” at various clubs:

“My third season in Porto, I didn’t have one.

“My third season ion Inter, I didn’t have one.

“My third season at Chelsea the first time I won the FA Cup and the Carling Cup.

“My third season in Real Madrid I won the Super Cup and lost in the Champions League semi-final.

“So stop asking stupid questions.

“I’m telling you that the question is stupid.”

Maybe the reporter should have gotten the indication beforehand that it’s not the right time to rile him up. Grumpy Jose is indeed very scary!

A word on Ben Haim:

“A good guy. Good player, competitive. I keep following. I watch national team match against Wales. He is not a kid anymore but experienced, knows English football and how to compete. He left good memories as a good guy.”

On the question of getting the players going after a dismal start:

“That’s my work. I am not here after a defeat and just waiting for the next match. I’m here every day and speaking with my players and
analysing matches is part of my work. We are working when we say business as usual. It is true, with one difference. We are not happy.
“I don’t have theories. I have opinions from players, me, assistants.”

“This is the first time I am going to do that (going beyond third season) so i don’t have good or bad experiences of doing that. I have nothing to show to anyone.

Finally some team news:


“Fit because not injured, yes.”

Baba Rahman

Fit with top condition, no.”


“He has a little problem, but nothing important.”

On his new haircut (crew cut):

Haircut? Normally short hair cut means you are getting ready to go to battle?
“I am fine. I am not happy. I am not used to losing so many times but I
am adapting to losing.”

Oh, and Just a reminder from Jose, in case some forgot:

“We know what we are ‘champions of England’ and it is not because we start so bad. It’s not because of that somebody can steal what we
have. You can’t steal our trophies or history.

“You can try, but we know what we are. Champions of England.”

Source – Mirror

Fair enough! We are still the Champions and it’s time to show the world what we are made of. It’s time to show our character, our strength. It’s time to win some games!

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