PLAYER INTERVIEW – Cesc Fabregas Talks About Yesterday’s Win And The Arsenal Game

Cesc Fabregas, our Deep Lying Playmaker, who played a major part for the Blues in creating history last season, has been terribly out of form along with other senior players this season.

It was clearly evident that Mourinho is going to drop the senior players against Maccabi Tel Aviv to send a warning to them, but Cesc Fabregas managed to retain his place in the starting lineup. Now, the Spaniard might not be the best of the lots in fulfilling the defensive duties

Now, the Spaniard might not be the best of the lots in fulfilling the defensive duties, but he sure has some incredible set of skills which includes scoring and assisting when it matters. The playmaker did just that yesterday night, as he scored and assisted one goal each to help Blues complete a rout against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Talking to our official website, Fabregas said that his confidence was always high even though he hadn’t managed to string together good performances this season:

“I believe in myself more than anyone. Everyone has their doubts when you are not playing well and you don’t get the results you want, but I have been playing too long to worry about stuff that is not important. What is important is my form, getting that good and to be confident.

“My confidence is always high, that is not a problem, but sometimes things don’t go well for you for many reasons, but as soon as we realise like we did in this game that we are a fantastic football team, we can compete against the top teams. We won a lot last year and we have to show it this year.

“Against Maccabi Tel Aviv we put high pressure and high intensity on and we pressed higher up the field, and that is how it is in modern football. It was a good performance, a clean sheet, a lot of goals and good football so I am happy.”

It’s nice to see Fabregas performing for us again! The Spaniard also revealed what Jose Mourinho has told his team before they took the field yesterday:

“He said this is a different competition, nothing to do with the Premier League so we just have to focus on it, and we want to be first in the group.

“This was a vital win, a top performance from start to end and we need Chelsea to play like this week in and week out. Hopefully, it is the start of a long run for us to put smiles back on our faces and get the confidence back.”

Yes, our performances in the Premier League has been horrible for our standard! The next game against Arsenal is definitely going to be a big one, as it will help us assess the team and maybe even close the 11 points gap too?

“We didn’t start the season well and when you see Chelsea so far down the table you have to check twice to make sure this is happening. We have a big game again on Saturday so we must not rest and enjoy this week’s win, we just want to get another win and then we will see what happens.

“We just have to win. It is a London derby, we know Arsenal are a quality team, they play top football and it will be tough but we want to win and we can achieve that on Saturday.”

Source – Chelseafc

What we need to do now is go on to a very long winning streak and hope that Manchester City loses their form, at some point, this season. It all starts with Arsenal on the weekend!

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