MUST READ Player Interview – Pedro Talks About The Reason He Joined Chelsea, Mourinho And Much More

A lot has been written and said on our “gazumping” of Pedro. The hilarity of the situation and the embarrassment United had to feel was, of course, only matched by the De Gea scandal on the transfer deadline day. (haha that was absolutely hilarious too!)

Still, we were yet to hear the point of view of the player who was in the midst of all this.

In an exclusive interview, Pedro has been talking about the reason he preferred Chelsea over United, his affection for his beloved Barca and of course Victor Valdes and whether he influenced his decision to join the Blues over the Red Devils.

First of all, let’s hear what he had to say on Victor Valdes’ situation and whether Van Gal’s treatment seems fair to Pedro:

“No. It’s true that I don’t like that treatment for my colleagues, especially for Victor, who has been a reference as a teammate and as a professional.

“I don’t believe it’s fair, but it didn’t influence my decision.”

We all know it did Pedro, but for the sake of diplomacy, let’s believe it didn’t. So, what was the reason he preferred the Bridge over Old Trafford:

“I just saw that Manchester didn’t take that step, that they were taking too long and I needed a team to start. Chelsea were more decisive.”

True. The deal was effectively closed out by Chelsea in less than half the day.  That surely was fast! Anyways, so, did Victor ever talked about United?

“Yes, a lot. “He told me that the club [United] was very good and there was a great fan following, that his only problem was the situation with the coach.”

So, no bitterness involved?

“Absolutely not. He spoke very well of the club. It’s a great club, but I believe I have chosen well to join Chelsea, I’m convinced.

Indeed, you have Pedro! Now let’s win some trophies together, eh? But before that, let’s hear how Jose Mourinho impacted his decision to join us in the first place:

“I had an important chat with [Chelsea coach Jose] Mourinho, who told me that he wanted me, that with me they would have a better team and he said many things that I liked to hear.

“That combined with the possibility to live in London was what made me decide.”

“From the first moment, the treatment received has been really good from everyone,” he said. “That has helped me to adapt really fast and well.

“I believe I have made the right choice to join Chelsea, I’m convinced. I have adapted very well. It was tough to leave [Barca]. It was a strange feeling as I had been many years at the club.

“After the Champions League [final] I explained to the coach [Luis Enrique] my situation and the fact that I had not had much continuity.

There’s no doubt, Pedro’s gonna have a lot more playing time with us than he could ever have at Barca and in the end, that’s the primary reason the Spaniard left his beloved Camp Nou for the Bridge.

Although, it’s a well-known fact that Mourinho is a hateful figure at Camp Nou, but the 28-year-old winger thinks that his perception of Mourinho has changed a lot since his arrival at Chelsea:

“When you are face to face, although there are people that might think otherwise, Mourinho changes a lot,” he added. “He treats you like one of the family.

“He likes, he values and respects his players a lot. He is also demanding. When he loses, we all know he has a lot of character, a big winning mentality.

“His criticism is only to reinforce and improve what we do wrong and we don’t have to interpret it as something negative. Since my arrival, I have felt comfortable alongside him.

Fabregas had a bit of a similar sentiment when he decided to join us last summer and so ha. It isn’t that hard to figure out why Mourinho is considered one of the best man manager of all time

Lastly, a word on his beloved Barcelona:

“I understand that Barca fans might feel upset but what I want is to play at Chelsea and for the team to do well.”

“At the start of preseason I told him that I had decided to leave. He understood and supported me. Barca has a spectacular attacking trio [Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez]. At Barca, it’s always difficult to play.

“More than competing with them, what has been the problem is not having continuity. Had I achieved that, all would have been different.

“But I will never celebrate a goal against Barca, neither in the Camp Nou nor on the Chelsea ground. I’ve been very happy — thanks to this club I have won and achieved everything. I would never do it.”

Source – ESPNFC

Hopefully, Pedro has a stellar time at the Bridge while he helps us clinch innumerable trophies and achievements meanwhile, we sing, “Are you watching Manchester United”!

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