MUST READ – Mourinho Talks About Hazard’s Form, RLC’s Future And John Terry Feud

Jose Mourinho has been talking to our official Chelsea website before the big game today.

The topic of discussion has been 3 players namely; Eden Hazard, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and John Terry.

Let’s start with Eden Hazard; The Belgian has been terribly out of form so far this season. Apart from a wonder goal against Barcelona in the preseason, the Winger hasn’t had much impact for the Blues and that has been evident with our Premier League form.

It’s fair to say that an in-form Eden Hazard can lift the team out of the misery and we need him firing against Arsenal today. However, Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem to be too much concerned about the Belgian’s form and he thinks it’s just a matter of time before Hazard is back in his full flow:

“Eden is not the kind of guy you see hidden in a game.

“He is not afraid to make a mistake and not afraid to play. Maybe the dribble is not going well and he loses the ball but the next time he dribbles again. Sometimes you don’t see a player on the pitch, he is hidden by opponents so he doesn’t want the ball. Hazard is not like this, he goes and he goes and he goes. I don’t think he feels the pressure. I feel him very free.”

So what does it take to get him back to his usual, destructive form?

“A good performance, a good goal. It will come.”

Well, the manager ain’t too much concerned about that. Let’s see if the goals come today!

Talking about Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Mourinho explained his harsh criticism of the Englishman, in the preseason in Australia:

“I think Ruben is ready. My work on him is not for him to be mentally ready. He is very confident, has good self-esteem and is not afraid of anything.

“He is not ready from a tactical point of view and that is where we have to be working and improving, being critical and killing him in Australia.

“This is a process and so is the physical side because the other day in the 70th minute he had a cramp. So physically and tactically he is not ready, mentally he is ready and if I play him today, for him it’s no problem”

Even I get the feeling that physically, the midfielder still seems to be lacking a bit, but then again, he is not even 20 yet! What do you expect?

Do the above sentences also mean that RLC will start today? We will see!

Lastly, a little bit on John Terry. There has been growing suggestions that there’s a feud developing between John Terry and Jose Mourinho. While, we already know that it’s a load of trash, Mourinho was still kind enough to clear the air between him and our “Captain, Leader, and Legend”!

“For John the situation with me hasn’t changed since 2004. I play who I want, I don’t care about what the media say, I don’t think about the later consequence, I play the player best for that game at that moment.

“John knows so many examples of big players staying out. I did that all the time at all my clubs. I am not looking at the passport or the ID or the age. I am just looking for a performance level and John knows that very well.

“I don’t think he deserves somebody to say he has a problem with me. A top professional like he is and with the way he always behaves in this club with me, I don’t think he deserves any kind of doubt about what he is as a professional and as a captain.”

Source – Chelseafc

That ought to be good enough for you Stevie G! Now let’s focus on a win today!

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