Mourinho Explores Arsenal Win From A Tactical Point Of View – Defends Costa, Calls Him “Passionate”!

You get the feeling that Jose Mourinho wasn’t overly concerned with Chelsea’s horrible start to the Premier League.

The boss just shrugged off our losses claiming that, more than anything, we were mostly just unfortunate with the results. Now, that we have started on the winning ways again, Jose doesn’t seem to be over the moon either, saying that there’s still a long way to go before we are back to our very best:

“I know that we had very good things. I saw some things back in the team, some qualities, but the same way two defeats don’t kill a team, I don’t think two victories bring the team to the top. Let’s go match after match and try to get a result on Wednesday.”

We travel to Walsall on Wednesday for our Capital One Cup third round game which should be a mouth-watering contest given that the home side will be passionate and motivated to give their all!

Jose Mourinho, meanwhile, talking about our weekend win, was also full of praise for our attacking players who contributed immensely on the defensive side too making us a hard nut to crack:

“I liked that the team was compact, everybody was defending, the attacking players made a fantastic contribution in that defensive work. In the first minute, we lost some passes, you could feel still a little bit of not great confidence to play, but after that we got back the stability, moving the ball well and good positional play.”

A lot of that was also down to Oscar whose return helped the team recover the ball in the dangerous positions and also lower the defensive burden on Fabregas.

Talking about Diego Costa, who is, meanwhile, being presented as some kind of criminal in the media, the Portuguese claims that the Spaniard is passionate about his game and is ready to fight for every ball; maybe that’s why he is so unpopular among the defenders:

“To play against an attacking player that is aggressive, that goes to every ball, that fights for every ball, that is physical, is difficult. We have lots of these players in this country and it is difficult to play against them.

“It is difficult to play against him, it is difficult to play against Wayne Rooney, Christian Benteke, Luis Suarez or Gonzalo Higuain. It is difficult to play against people with this aggression, people that want to score but when they lose the ball want to press, want to defend and compete for every ball. It’s because of these players that football is what football is, with so much passion around it, because they create passion.”

Oh, I agree with that. You see a lot of what Costa did on the weekend in the Premier League every week, but the Spaniard is singled out every time by the media because it helps them sell the papers. Mourinho knows this and that’s why he feels the need to defend Costa:

“When you work the way he did [against Arsenal] – his movement, his creation – he was fantastic. He is popular, it is normal that he is popular. He is a great guy, he is a great professional, he likes to win.”

Source – Chelseafc

To the moaning Arsenal fans, I would take a “criminal” Diego Costa every day over your Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud. Maybe when they realise the importance of a Striker, they would understand better. Oh, who am I kidding; The word “understand” and “Arsenal Fans” doesn’t go together anyway!

Off to Walsall!

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