Mourinho Defends Costa In The Post-Match Reaction, Says That’s The Way To Play

Yes! Finally!! Blues register their first home victory this season. And guess who is at the other end. Yes, it’s Arsenal ‘again’!

Chelsea were under pressure to perform in the Premier League following their horrendous start to the season, while Arsene Wenger knew this might be his best chance in years to get the better of Jose Mourinho in the League. But it was not to be, as Gabriel and Cazorla were sent off, while Zouma and Hazard punished them, conquering London.

When asked about the victory, Mourinho said that Chelsea were the better team, and they deserved to win.

“The game is about many different aspects, the technical, the tactical, the emotional, the physical, and through the combination of these factors you have the best team, and normally, the best team wins.”

“We were the best team. I think we were dominant, we were in control, and obviously let’s not be hypocrites and deny that to play with a player more is easier, but the reality is in the first half too, for me, we were very comfortable and always in control.”

With Diego Costa in the thick of it, Arsenal were always ready to accuse him of provocation, saying he was the reason Gabriel was sent off. But Mourinho, quite rightly pointed out Gabriel’s stupidity for losing his cool and kicking out at Costa. Also, Jose couldn’t resist taking a slight dig at the Gunners.

“I think I’ve played against Arsenal 15-16 times, and only once they didn’t moan. I don’t know why, may be because they won that game. All the other matches they have reasons for that (moaning).”

“I played my first derby as manager in September 2000, and I remember my words to my players in September 2000. To win a derby (you need) emotional control. I played derbies in Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, and I always repeat the same words to my players. To win a derby you need emotional control.”

When asked whether Mourinho took off Costa because he was ‘playing on the edge’, Mourinho denied it, saying it was merely a tactical decision, and he was absolutely satisfied with the way Costa played.

“For me a fantastic performance, he played the game like the game has to be played. I was happy with him but Remy gave a fantastic contribution in the last match. He’s fast, he’s aggressive, he’s good to recover the ball. So when Diego’s going down, Remy can come into the game and give Arsenal different qualities, and that was the intention.”

When asked if Chelsea had turned the corner, Jose said that at least with the result he has something to smile about, but he is not thinking about the title race, only looking forward to the next match.

“At least we smile now, but you know how football is. Wednesday we play at Walsall and if we lose, it’s again crisis and disaster. I know football, so let me laugh a little bit, enjoy a little bit, but Wednesday is another match and we have to be ready for good and for bad.”

“I don’t want to think about it (the title race), I just want to think about the next match, and I told the players that I’m so happy that now we don’t even know which competition we play, we play Champions League, then we play the Premiership, and then the Cup, and another cup is coming. We have matches and we want to win matches, and let’s see where we are in the end of the season.”

Finally when asked about his handshake with Arsene Wenger, something that the media was looking to talk about, Mourinho said he is always welcome to shake his opposite number’s hand while at the Bridge.

“I do that every time, and it is a question of respect for my club and the opposition club. I always do it. If the opposition manager is happy to do it, good, if he’s not happy to do it then that’s fine as well, but I do it because I’m Chelsea manager, and I represent an important club. At home I always do it, at away matches I am at the bench, if the other manager is happy to go and visit me, then great, and if not, then no problem. Today I did my job and Mr. Wenger did his job, and it’s back to normality.”

Jose Mourinho knows that this was a great result, and that too at a very crucial time. Beating a title rival is always good, and more so when the world is busy talking about a crisis.

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