LOIC REMY Interview – “I Will Be PHYSICAL Just Like Diego Costa!”

Diego Costa might not have been scoring goals for fun, like last season, but the Spaniard has been a very important asset to our side.

The hold-up play, the physicality, that Costa brings to this side is amazing which, in turn, also keeps the opposition defenders on their toes; meaning, enough time and space for other attacking players to combine well in the box and create/score chances.

While, from the outside, the Costa ban might not look like affecting our next two games to a great deal as far as goal are concerned (the Spaniard has found the net just 2 times this season), but you can be sure we are going to lose a bit of our physicality up front.

Now, Loic Remy gave a very good performance against Walsall last night, and he deserves to start on the weekend too, but would he be the same threat physically?

“I don’t have a choice, I have to do it because when you play for Chelsea it’s a question of giving the best, 100 percent, every game. Of course, I will do the best I can.

“We will miss Diego because he is so important to the team and winning games, but whoever is on the pitch we just try to do the best we can. It’s a shame for us to have lost him for three games.”

With a backup option as good as Loic Remy, I am not too much concerned about the loss of Costa. It’s just that the decision to ban him for 3 games was ridiculous, stupid, biased and clearly a campaign against us!

Loic Remy, meanwhile, did contemplate a move away from the Bridge this summer due to lack of playing time, but the Frenchman decided to stick around at the end. The 28-year-old stressed on the importance of regular minutes and how it helps you perform to your optimum level:

“I just want to feel better and now with the games coming, maybe I have the opportunity to play more. We will see.

“It’s really difficult to spend so much time on the bench and then play, I can’t lie. The rhythm is not the same to compare with training. When you come in, you just need to do your best, but, of course, when you are not playing much it is more difficult to do that.

“I cannot complain, though. I want to play and when the manager gives me a chance I just try to score goals and give assists.

“I don’t put pressure on myself because I know my quality. The manager knows as well he can use me as a striker or on the side, so I don’t have any pressure.”

That’s the thing with Remy. He might not look spectacular on the pitch, maybe even look ordinary at times, but the Striker, somehow, finds the net rather consistently. Definitely a good trait to have, eh?

With the Striker poised to start against Newcastle on the weekend, it would be a homecoming for Remy as he gets ready to face his old club. The Frenchman talked a bit about that saying:

“It’s my old club, so it’s always a pleasure to play against them. But the manager will decide the best team and pick 11 players so we’ll see on Saturday.

“I’m surprised at what is happening at Newcastle because they are quite a big team, strong. I am sure they will get better very soon.”

Newcastle are not having a good start to their season and they will be determined to turn that around against us. St. James Park has never been a happy hunting ground for the Blues, at least not in recent years, so a very good performance will be needed to come out on top.

Remy also praised John Terry for his professionalism and branded him a “leader”:

“John is the best example of a professional player. Last season he was amazing and this season as well. I just think there are a lot of games and I am sure he will play a lot this season.”

Source – Telegraph

Hopefully, Remy continues his good form and do what he does best. Score goals!

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