Jose Mourinho’s Post Match Reaction – “My Players Deserve More”

So, another game, another loss. Lately, it seems like just another day at Chelsea Football Club!

A trip to Goodison Park is always tough to deal with, more so when you are so low on confidence and nothing’s going your way. Everton did well to capitalize on your mistakes and vulnerability at the back and, so, here we are, with 4 points from 5 games; the worst start to the title defense, ever!

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho had few things to say in the post match reaction about the situation. The Portuguese reiterated the fact that he is still the man for the job:

“The results are the worst in my career,” said Mourinho. “They are not adapted to my quality, my status, but I am coping well with the situation. I am not feeling pressure.

“I am the man for the job. I don’t think there is a better man who could come and do my job.”

What about our chances of winning the title? City are 11 points clear of us and it would take a miraculous turnaround to even challenge them for the damn thing!

“It is out of our control,” he said. “To win the title, it will depend on us to improve the results but also on other clubs who are above us to lose matches.

“Even if we win every game between now and the end of the season, we still depend on other results.

“Next year people can be sure Chelsea won’t be playing in the Championship.”

Yeah, that’s what we are hoping for. Avoiding relegation!

Jose still refused to criticize any of his players after their continued dismal showing on the field. Instead, the Portuguese thinks that they deserved way more than they have got:

“From the first game of the season until now, they deserve better than what they have got,” he said.

“Today the game was completely under control and every mistake we made we were punished. Every shot is a goal, every mistake is a goal.

“The moment is so negative that everything goes against us. At the tactical meeting we had this morning, even the computer broke. But of course, it was not because of that that we did not win.”

“I know that a lot of people are happy that after so many years to see me in a situation like this.

“Fair play. Enjoy. But I will enjoy my day tomorrow, again working hard as always thinking that on Wednesday we can win.”

Source – BBC

We play Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League on Wednesday. While a win is desperately expected from the Blues, it certainly won’t be of much help as far as Premier League is concerned. We need to win big and consistently to get that confidence back and guess what? It’s the Gooners we are playing on the weekend!

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