“I’m Not Going To Walk Away And The Club Isn’t Going To Sack Me” – Jose Mourinho

Before the big game and the all-important 3 points at Goodison Park, it was time for Mourinho’s little pep talk.

As we know, we have been struggling for results, but Jose Mourinho thinks that our recent failure is down to bad luck more than anything.

Speaking to our official website , Mourinho said:

“I trained with the seven players I had, together with the youth players that stayed,’ explained the Blues boss. I had a training session every day and watched everything I had to watch in relation to Everton and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

“I will respond in the way I expect myself to respond. I’m not happy and I’m happy I’m not happy. If I’m happy losing matches, it will be because I’ve changed a lot, and I don’t want to change.

“I will work harder than ever. I’m optimistic, I trust the players and I know the players trust me. It’s not such a hard situation because we feel that better results will arrive. It’s not depressing, we are going to get out of this situation for sure.”

Meanwhile, Mourinho also reiterated the fact that he would remain at the club for a very long time.

“If somebody thinks I will walk or leave the job, they obviously don’t know me,’ he said. ‘Chelsea fans know me for good and bad. It’s not in my profile to run away from problems, in this case, to run away from bad results.

“I don’t want to leave the club in any circumstances and the club doesn’t want me to leave. I’m not going to walk away and the club isn’t going to sack me. We have one problem; we are not getting the results we expect to get. That’s our only problem.

“A few weeks ago I had a two-year contract and now I have a four-year contract. I will stay as long as Mr Abramovich wants me to.”

Source – Chelseafc

Well, that’s good to know. As a Chelsea fan, I wouldn’t him to leave the club under any circumstances whatsoever. Hopefully, the results start to favor us soon enough.

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