Former Players Comes In Support Of Costa After His 3 Match Ban – Chelsea Will Appeal Against The Decision

FA banning a Chelsea player for violent conduct? That’s ought to be a surprise!

As you are already aware the Football Association has handed Diego Costa a 3-match been for an on-field incident that was missed by the referee. Here’s what their statement read:

“Diego Costa has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

“The Chelsea forward was involved in an incident with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny in the 43rd minute of the game. He has until 6pm (on Tuesday) to reply.

“Off-the-ball incidents which are not seen at the time by the match officials are referred to a panel of three former elite referees.”

Source – Independent

As biased and ridiculous this report sounds, there’s still an opportunity for Chelsea to appeal against the decision. But, with the “Costa is a cheat” campaign going on in the media, I don’t think there would be a change in the decision anyway. So, as I see it, the Spaniard will have to serve the 3-match ban!

The abnormality of the decision can only be understood by the fact that almost every former player, including the Arsenal legend, Martin Keown has come up in support of Costa.

Here’s what Alan Shearer had to say on the matter:

“I would describe him as an aggressive wind-up merchant.

“Winding up defenders is fair game — it happens, whether you like it or not.

“Central defenders try to kick you and Costa is turning it around and doing the same.

“You try to get one step ahead of the game and stand up for yourself.

“You let the defenders know that you won’t be intimidated and they can’t kick you. But he is treading a fine line.”

Source – Express

Oh my god! Someone’s trying to be rational on this matter? Quick ban him!

The way I see it, the FA has succumbed to the campaign started by media and the opposition fans on Diego Costa. You know, appeal or not, the decision is going to be upheld anyway and the Striker is going to miss 3 important games for his club. But that’s how FA works.

Oh well, at least Loic Remy and Radamel Falcao will have a fair chance in Costa’s absence.

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