David Luiz – I Wanted To Leave Chelsea!

I will admit this. Watching David Luiz leave Chelsea was a difficult moment for me. 

I, for one, loved watching Geezer in the Blue shirt, even if it meant inconsistent performances and lots of theatrics on the field. The Brazilian was no doubt, a popular figure among the fans and the crowd loved him and stood behind him every time.

Yes, we did manage a whopping 50 Million Pounds from his sale and yes, he probably was very inconsistent to start week in week out under Mourinho, but nevertheless, his departure hurt. That was until that Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge!

The defender scored a goal against us at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League last season and wasn’t shy of celebrating it too.

Now, that shouldn’t mean much, because let’s be honest, it was a football game, Luiz is a fiery character and it was the Champions League but still, that moment helped me get over him and I haven’t missed him since.

Plying his trade in Paris, Luiz was recently asked about his move away from the Bridge and the reason he did so. Here’s what he replied:

“It was a period where I learned a lot. I wouldn’t say [it was] difficult.

“When you live through new experiences and new situations in your life, that’s when you grow. I knew I was going before the World Cup.

“When I left, I was with Brazil, and I didn’t really have any contact with [Mourinho]. I was in Brazil on holiday first, then preparing for the World Cup.

“Everything was presented to me, I accepted, and he sent me a little message saying ‘good luck.’ Afterward, I went straight to Paris. I didn’t go back to London.”

Source – SportsMole

There were always reports coming out during that time that Mourinho wasn’t happy with Luiz’s discipline at the back and it was probably one of the reasons why he was shifted in the Central Midfield and eventually sold for an astronomical fee.

As I said, I don’t have any hard feelings over this transfer anymore. David Luiz wanted to leave Chelsea for whatever reasons and we managed to sell him for at least double the price he was worth anyway. So, let’s buckle up and try to beat them in the Champions League this time when we inevitably get drawn to them, eh?

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