Cheer Up! Salah Soap Opera Is Back! This Time Featuring FIFA!

Just when you thought it was all over! Just when you thought there will be no re-runs or the new seasons of this highly popular Soap Opera! Just when you thought it was gone for good…

Buckle up boys, for the Salah saga is far from over! All the legal suings that Fiorentina bestowed upon us and the player, all those fight between the Serie A clubs to snatch Salah, all the attention he got from the Serie A giants, the attention even Ronaldo and Messi would be jealous of; fear not, because it’s back.

Apparently, after everything was seemingly sorted out between the club and the players, the news coming in is that FIFA are looking over this situation now. As per Fiorentina director of football Daniele Prade:

“We could have reclaimed Salah only in January, not in the summer’s transfer window.

“Nobody could have imagined what the player had in mind during his six months in Florence.

“FIFA themselves gave Salah only a provisional transfer from here until December, and they’ll make a ruling then.

“I never thought Salah’s mind could have turned that way. I was wrong in saying that I was certain he’d stay with us in January.

“You never stop learning in this job, I never expected what happened.

“There was an abrupt turn in the player’s mind. He was the one who wanted to sign the private agreement.”

Source – DailyStar

“FIFA themselves gave Salah only a provisional transfer from here until December, and they’ll make a ruling then.” Okay, so FIFA were the only one who were feeling a bit left out on not been included in this high profile Soap Opera saga.

And as it turns out, they have also joined the ensemble cast and are set to make an appearance the next time!  The show is certainly getting much more attention that we first thought. So, who’s next now? Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise? Lord Bendtner?

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