Baba Rahman – The First Appearance

Baba Rahman made his much-awaited debut in the Champions League encounter vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv, which ended in a 4-0 win for the Blues.

It was a much-needed win for Chelsea after a horrifying start to the league campaign to boost the confidence of the players and bring a smile on the faces of the fans. A new look starting XI kicked off the Champions League campaign for Chelsea and among the players who impressed, debutant Baba Rahman was one of them.

Yes, Baba Rahman the new young signing from Bundesliga outfit FC Augsburg, who was brought in as a potential replacement for our big Serb. This can indeed be deemed as a good signing as Baba Rahman is a fullback who doesn’t hesitate to rampage forward and also doesn’t escape his defensive duties.

The attacking nature of his game got him 4 assists in the last campaign and he also averaged 3.5 tackles per game which shows he isn’t afraid to have a go at an attacker; exactly the kind of mentality you would need to survive as a defender in the Premier League; a league that demands a lot of physical side of your game.

Ever since he has been putting on such performances he attracted interest from clubs like Manchester City, Parma, etc. but Chelsea secured his signing in the early part of the summer window this year.

Now what remains as a question is how can the young Ghanaian establish himself in the Premier League and also the Chelsea squad for which he has to be at the top of his game in each and every aspect.

Although, he came in as a direct replacement for Felipe Luis who went back to Atletico Madrid this year, Mourinho might use the youngster more than he used Luis, owing to the congested schedule of the domestic season which demands rotation of the players. Given all this, the main player at right back, Ivanovic, has been struggling since the start of the season against pace and is a mere shadow of what he was last season; also a scenario where Rahman can make the most of if chances are given.

And yes the chance arrived and amidst all the fuss about Ivanovic’s form, Baba stepped up and certainly sparkled on his debut night. He was quick, strong, sensible and exactly showed what Chelsea was missing so far this season.

He also supported the play offensively and had a couple of shots on target blocked and was also good in his crossing game. He also impressed stats wise in the game with 4 tackles, 1 interception and a fair amount of headers won and stopped counters at the very start.

The 21 year old also expressed his happiness at the fans and the club and indicated that he wants to get as much game time as possible and after such a performance it might not be that bad to give him some minutes after all.

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Edited By: Karan Dubey

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