We Needed Someone Like Pedro To Reach The Next Level – Fabregas

Pedro to Chelsea could very well turn out to be the coup of the season. A world class winger capable of complementing Hazard with Goals and assists on the Right Wing while being available for just 21 Million Pounds? Oh, I would take him in a heartbeat and, apparently, so would Mourinho!

The Spaniard was so good at the Hawthorns yesterday, it felt like he had been a part of the side for a long time. Talking to our official Chelsea website, Pedro was obviously excited with his debut performance:

“I enjoyed my debut with this team a lot.

“It was important for me [to score] for my adaptation in the team and I’m really very happy for the victory.”

Meanwhile, Fabregas also had some kind words to share for his friend and team-mate:

“He was fantastic.

“I knew straight away he would make an impact because it was something we didn’t have in our team – a player who goes behind defenders, that goes one against one, and stretches the team. The mentality of this guy is fantastic and I’m very happy for him.”

Fabregas also highlights the fact that we have been making here for ages. A Right Winger who is capable of going behind the defender and is really good in one on one situation. Andre Schurrle used to do that, but he was inconsistent and not as good as Pedro.

The 28-year-old stretches the team on the wings instead of cutting inside like the way Willian does. This in turn helps us to play a bit wider instead of our predictable narrow football and gives us an extra option going forward!

Fabregas also stressed the importance of 3 points after a horrible start to the campaign:

“I think as a team we had a point to prove. We are the champions and we have to perform like that.

“We have had our difficult moments, we know that. I have said we will soon be at our best individually and collectively. We are still not there but we showed the character and the honour of this team never goes. It was much needed.

“Lately it looks like every time we have a comfortable game and we are dominating, something happens, so we have to make sure whatever we do, the effort we make pays off at the end.

“We bounced back from a difficult situation in a difficult place where we lost last year. We are proud but we have to keep going. We need these six points before the international break.”

Source – Chelseafc

Lately, it does look like whenever we are comfortable and dominating the proceedings, something unfortunate happens. Be it the sending off against Swansea or West Brom, things aren’t exactly going our way, but at least we are back on the winning track, and that’s all that matters in the end!

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