Rubbing Salt In The Wound – Apparently, A Man United Player Convinced Pedro To Join Chelsea!

Well, that was the fastest wrap up I have seen in my entire life, even faster than the Willian deal!

Although, it ain’t official yet, but, it’s just a matter of time before Pedro is unveiled as a Chelsea player in the Blue shirt.

By the way, I feel sorry for the United fans. They have been bracing themselves for this big signing for the last couple of months, and they got so close…oh, who am I kidding! We love to troll the United fans, don’t we? More so, when Ed Woodward flew to Barcelona last week to seal the transfer of the Spaniard, just to watch him head over to the Bridge! That’s got to hurt!

Oh, but that’s not all! Apparently Pedro was convinced by a couple of Spaniard to sign for “The Special One”! One, you all can easily guess is, Cesc Fabregas who wanted the winger to join him at Chelsea. I am sure the assist king convinced Pedro with the loving stories of Jose Mourinho and how he is the best in the world and everything!

But who was the second one? You won’t believe it!

“ESPN FC was told that conversations with former Barcelona teammates such as Cesc Fabregas and Victor Valdes have caused Pedro to reconsider his own first preference.

Fabregas enjoyed a successful debut season with Chelsea, winning the Premier League, while Valdes has been marginalised under Van Gaal at United.”

Source – ESPN

(Talking in Chandler Bing’s voice) Could this BE any more sweeter?

Thank you Victor Valdes! You have done us a big favor that we will always appreciate! Maybe we will fly you down to the Bridge someday as a Goalkeeping coach or something.

Oh and let’s take a moment to laugh at Manchester United! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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