Read What Jose Mourinho Said After Signing A New FOUR YEAR CONTRACT!

Jose Mourinho is arguably the best manager in the world right now. Now, surely if you are a Pep Guardiola fan, you can whine about it as much as you want. But as far as I am concerned, without putting on my Chelsea glasses, I can still say the Portuguese is the best of the best.

Now, most of the managers have a set of plans, a series of tactics, to get the better of their opposition manager. But, usually when their tactics fail on the pitch, they have to accept the defeat. This is where Mourinho is different. The Portuguese always has a Plan B and even a Plan C, if the bad turns to worse. This is what makes him most tactically sound manager of our generation.

That’s why, it’s always a great news when the best manager of your generation commits himself to your club for the next four years! I mean, what could be better than that?

“I said when I returned here that I have a special feeling for this club and nothing changed.

“I think this is a normal thing for me to sign a new contract. It is important we have this continuity and I hope we can enjoy more success in the future – for the fans, the players and the club.

“It is the club closest to my heart and I am very happy to know I will be staying here for a long time.”

Source – BBC

I guess, that’s why he is “the happy one” now!

People in Spain never appreciated you enough Jose, but we, at the Bridge will always love you! Better sign a contract for eternity, will ya?

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