Read Jose Mourinho Talk About Yesterday Loss

I know everyone is pretty disappointed with yesterday’s result. To be honest, we should be. Losing the second game of the Premier League shouldn’t be a big deal but losing the game the way we did, well questions are going to be raised.

Manchester City were clearly the better team at the Etihad Stadium yesterday and even the Blue fans will acknowledge that. Plenty has been written and talked about our defeat already, but let’s hear what the manager makes of this game:

“The best team in the first half won the game.

“The best team in the second half was Chelsea for sure. We had a difficult first half, we didn’t create a lot and our goalkeeper made a few important saves.

“Second half everything was different. If the 1-0 was a doubtful result at minute 70, 3-0 is completely fake. At 1-0 Chelsea were the best team for the whole second half.”

Classic case of Mourinho trying to defend his side!

No, we weren’t the best team in the second half, not by any margin. If the 1-0 scoreline was fake, we should consider what would have happened if Sergio Aguero and co. had managed to convert majority of their chances; we could have been down by at least 6-0, even before the half time whistle.

Chelsea did manage to calm down the tempo in the second half, but, best team in the second half, that’s an exaggeration!

“They make a change because they feel 1-0 is in danger and we concede a second goal. If 1-1 a different story, their team is in trouble.

“Their decision to bring on (centre-back) Martin Demichelis is an intelligent change, the sort of change I get criticised for all the time.

“Their midfield was in trouble, probably they should finish the game with nine men. In the end, I have to be happy with the second half we did. That is not enough to win the game.”

Source – Mirror

That foul on Costa; Fernandinho could have seen red for that, but the referee was a bit lenient all game, for both the sides. As Mourinho said, if we had managed to score after the break, 1-1 could have been a different scoreline altogether. But, we were pretty woeful in converting our chances. In fact, apart from Begovic and maybe Willian and Azpilicueta, everyone performed below average.

In the end, this game raised more questions than providing answers and it’s up to the Blues now to turn things around. It ain’t gonna be easy, that’s for sure!

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