Pre-Match Press Conference – Mourinho Talks About Pedro, Baba, Pogba/Stones Rumor

It has been one hell of a week. After losing 3-0 to Manchester City, Chelsea woke up from their self-imposed slumber and entered the transfer market.

The signing of Baba Rahman was secured at the start of the week while, we gazumped Manchester United’s deal for Pedro. Yes, that was a sweet troll!

It’s Friday, which also meant it was time for Jose Mourinho’s much-awaited press conference before the West Brom game. The Portuguese answered some important questions on Pogba, Stones and much more. Here’s how it went:

First of all team news and injuries

“Moses and Oscar are still injured. I don’t know if the new players are available for Sunday or not.

“Everybody has trained well this week though, possibly harder than they have ever trained because of the bad result from the weekend.”

On securing the signing of Pedro and Baba Rahman

“I am happy that Rahman and Pedro have joined us.

“This week we got a very good young left-back with potential and one of the best attacking players in the world.

“I am also impressed that Pedro has left a team that he loves because it shows ambition. I like that. He wants to win.”

A few more words on Pedro

“Pedro was ready to leave the club of his dreams, the club of his heart.

“When players want to leave Barca or Real Madrid, I always put a question mark, because they might change their mind.”

On trolling Manchester United over the signing of the Spaniard

“I don’t want to say we won, Man United lost. That’s not the point. The point is that Pedro is a player we like a lot.

“We have got one of the best attacking players in the world. A player with lots of experience and the desire to leave a giant club.

“I only want to beat Man United on the pitch. Our job is not to get a player that another club wants, but to get players that we want.”

Obviously a question on Eva Carneiro was going to be presented to the Portuguese

“In some aspects of my career, I am unique. I’m getting asked questions about the medical staff – I’m the only one.

“I don’t think it is important. The players are in good hands and since my arrival have always been in good hands.

“The players will always be in good hands. The doctors who are on the bench and those who are not.”

When asked if John Terry will start the game..

“Maybe. Normally he’s in the team, normally he plays, so why not?”

Asked if Begovic will retain his place against WBA..

“I’m so happy with Begovic performance, showed clearly what we have, but we go back to Courtois.

“Do we have to improve? Obviously, like always. We are calm, not happy but calm. That feeling makes you work better than ever.”

FINALLY A word on Pogba and John Stones Rumor

“I can’t speak about a Juventus player,” he replies when asked if the club could conclude their summer business with the purchase of Pogba. “I know Allegri was all summer speaking about Oscar and Ramires, but I don’t do that.”

“I don’t speak about players from other clubs , especially when the championship is on. So, I’m quiet.”

Source – the Telegraph

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