Pre-Match Press Conference – Mourinho Talks About Costa’s Injury, John Stones And Our Striker Situation!

Ahead of our season opener against Swansea, let’s find out what Jose Mourinho said in his pre-match press conference:

First of all, update on Diego Costa and whether he will be fit for our tomorrow’s encounter:

“I don’t know, I promise you. I think he’ll train. His reaction to that and confidence to play is another story. I promise you I don’t know. I will know at 4:45.
When he plays, he’s [equivalent to] 1.5 [strikers], he compensates.”

Can’t argue that now, can we? Hopefully, he is fit for tomorrow’s game!
Next up, he was quizzed on our Left Back conundrum; whether we are in for a fullback to challenge/backup Azpilicueta?

“We need a left-back, the board knows that and my feeling is that we are going to have one.”

Baba Rahman, it is then, eh?

A press conference without John Stones isn’t plausible, after all! So, here we are with an imminent mention of John Stones. When Mourinho was asked about Martinez’s comments on the situation, the Portuguese dismissed the situation altogether:

“If I could I would only speak to the media once a month, but there are some in football who want to every day.”

Classic Mourinho!

Our preseason has been far from good so, what does Mourinho think about the upcoming season, in terms of our ambition?

“I don’t know (what would constitute a successful season for Chelsea). Sometimes you play well and someone else plays better. A bad season is if you don’t perform. A bad season is in October you are so bad you are 15 points behind the leader.
We’ll try to be a good team, and be here in March or April speaking about winning something.”

When repeatedly quizzed about Costa’s injury Mourinho jabbed back with the following:

“I prefer a top player who is sometimes injured, than one who is always available but only a bit better than me.”

That must be the reason he sold Torres. I ain’t complaining, though!

Lastly, a question on the competitiveness of the Premier League:

“I believe the teams who are not title contenders will be stronger this year, and the gap between the top and the others will be shorter. It will be more normal for top teams to lose matches and maybe I think less points (than 87) will be enough to win the title”.

By the way, do we need another Striker, Mourinho?

“No, we need three and we have three. Costa, Remy and Falcao”.

Good! That settles it then!

Sources – Telegraph and SportsMole

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