Pre-Match Press Conference – Jose Mourinho Talks About Eva Carneiro, Manchester City And Oscar’s Injury!

After suffering a backlash from all corners of the world over the Eva Carneiro row, Jose Mourinho faced the media for the first time ahead of the important game against Manchester City.

Obviously, the focus was on Eva Carneiro rather than the big game which could have an early impact on the season. So here’s how the press conference went about:

The reported inevitably started the conference with a question regarding the medical staff:

“Look, I hope this room is full because the champions will be playing against the former champion, because of the transfer window because we have hopefully a big match on Sunday, but I knew it already. It is not a surprise. No question.

“I don’t want to run away from it. I accept the question and understand. First of all, I want to say I have a fantastic medical department, with a top doctor in Dr Paco Biosca, more than a dozen professionals, very good relation with them and, as they tell me all the time, they they were never praised so much as in last few years.

“I praise them lots of times. They don’t forget that I don’t. We have disagreements during this period, we need disagreements to improve. We work together.”

On the question of would they be put on the bench against Manchester City:

“Your question about the bench. For some people, it’s important. For others, it’s not… It’s my decision. I have seven assistants, only four can go on the bench.

“Seven kitmen, only two. Medical, only two on the bench… Dr Fearne and Dr Carneiro will not be on the bench, but doesn’t mean Sunday is the rest of the season or the rest of their careers.

“My decision does not mean they won’t be on the bench in the future.

“If you want to speak about football, I’m here. If you want to talk about other issues, I’m not here.”

That ought to be clear enough for the media. Right? Nah! You are wrong!

When Mourinho was further quizzed that if he regretted the decision to scream on his medical staff:

“The game is emotional space for every one of us…. football is football. The match is the match. And everything in the match can be different.

“In the meeting I had with my medical staff yesterday, the feedback I got is that the relationships we had going back two years we good relations.

“If somebody thinks that a disagreement between two members of the medical staff and the manager can affect the week, that is don’t have a clue about what football is and what the preparations for matches is.”

So, the first three questions were all regarding the medical staff. Still nothing about the Manchester City game or anything about our disappointing draw against Swansea. Think the distraction is working?

Finally, when asked about the importance of Sunday’s clash in context of the season:

 “38 weeks is a marathon that started last month and lasts 10 months. I cannot say it is crucial but it is very, very important. But there are two title contenders and if you can get three points, it is important. But the game does not decide anything for the winner nor anything for the loser.”

Fair enough! But still, no doubt, this game is going to be very important and could have a big impact over this season!

On the question of whether the Blue fans should be worried because of the controversies that have surrounded Chelsea for the past week or so:

“I have a fantastic relationship with everyone that works with me. I am open to mistakes, I am open to dialogue, I am open to critics. As some of the people in the medical staff said yesterday, we improve together.

“Chelsea supporters are worried about the transfer window. Since Mr Abramovich bought the club, Chelsea supporters cannot speak in a negative way about the transfer market. They can only praise the owner and praise the board. What he has done is absolutely amazing, it is a fantastic contribution. The club won titles.”

Lastly, a question on whether the players should be unsettled with the Eva Carneiro controversy:

“The most important thing for the players is the medical care they have during the week. “The only thing they have to worry about is having the best around them in this club, they’re surrounded by top quality people”

Oh, and a word on Oscar. This is ought to be disappointing after the form he had shown against Swansea!

 “Oscar is a doubt. He had a little injury in training. Courtois is suspended. Apart from that, it’s all good.”

And that’s it from the Special One. The comments might not be enough to stop the ongoing bashing of Mourinho’s treatment of his medical staff, but at least the weekend is here which means FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Source – Daily Mail and SportsMole

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