Player Interview – Azpilicueta Talks About Pedro, Baba Rahman And The Importance Of The Win

Cesar Azpilicueta, the Left-Back/Right-Back isn’t the one to talk much on and off the field. Yesterday, though, the Spaniard couldn’t stop himself from showering praise on his friend and teammate Pedro Rodriguez.

The 28-year-old had a dream debut with Chelsea where he scored and assisted a goal each and could have had more if not for the missed chances. Even Cesar Azpilicueta got on the scoresheet yesterday, with his first Premier League goal for the Blues.

Wait, when I think of it now, all of the three goals were scored by the Spaniards yesterday while, save for the first goal which was assisted by Hazard, even both the goals were assisted by the Spaniards! Talk about Mourinho hating the Spanish players..

Anyways, here’s what Azpilicueta thinks on the arrival of Baba Rahman and Pedro:

“Both players are really good additions to the squad. They will help us to be a better team.

“Their arrival will help everybody. We will have more competition and that can only benefit the club.

“I know Pedro very well and knew he would fit very well in the team. I know his ambition, he is hungry to help the team and to get trophies. But to start like that in his first game is amazing.

“Pedro is a top player. He played for Barcelona for many years and will fit into the Premier League and our team. He knows a few of the players already and I think he is going to do a really good job.

“He has trained with us for only one week. He has just played his first Premier League game and has already scored. So I’m sure he will get better.”

We are sure he will get better too Azpi! Having a threat on the Right Wing is something we have lacked in recent years so it feels good to have him in our squad.

When he was quizzed on whether he wants to give any advice to Pedro as to how the Premier League operates, Dave, as he is lovingly called, said:

“He doesn’t need any advice from me. He has won the World Cup, the European Championships and three Champions Leagues. He has all the experience.

“Of course there are a few details about playing in England, there are a few differences like the pace and how the opposition always push until the end, especially when they are losing. There is not much to say to him, honestly. He scores goals, he does everything!”

Sure he does. What a coup of a signing!

When asked, if he feels threatened after the arrival of Baba Rahman from Augsburg:

“We know in football you can’t rely on what you did in the past, you have to prove yourself every day.

“We won the League last season, but we have to show in every game and every day in training that we are ready to perform in every game.”

“I’m confident that I will keep working and doing my job. I know that the competition is good for the team. There are a lot of great players around me and young players too. They’re all going to compete for a place. In the end, hopefully, the whole team will be better and I hope to improve.

“But this was a big win because we didn’t start the season well, we were not happy. We wanted to change the dynamic of the team and we have been training really well.”

Source – Standard

I think if anyone, who should feel threatened by the arrival of Baba Rahman, it should be Branislav Ivanovic! The Serbian has been playing on his reputation as he has been directly responsible for 5 goals out of the 7 we have conceded in the last 3 games! Maybe, it’s high time we try out Baba Rahman at the Left Back while shifting Azpi to his natural position!

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