News Flash – Arsenal Just Won The Premier League!

Did you know Arsenal won the Champions League yesterday? And the Premier League? And the FA Cup? And every damn trophy available on the planet?

Yes, it was just a trophy that nobody cares about but watching Arsenal fans, you would think they just found a cure for Cancer! A few Gunner’s player have already been talking about winning the league and dethroning as the Premier League champion, after the win yesterday. Somebody ought to tell them the season hasn’t even started!

Still, a trophy is a trophy, however meaningless it is, but I would be stupid if I said this would have any bearing on the coming season. That’s exactly what John Terry has been saying after yesterday’s loss. Let’s hear it straight from the captain when quizzed if this loss would have any psychological effect on us:

“I don’t think so.

“I think it’s one of them where they’ll probably come out and say differently. They do mean something, but win or lose, I don’t think you can say that (it will affect the league).

“Losing is just horrible in all aspects… forgetting the record, it’s a trophy that’s gone now.

“It means a lot, because you’ve earned the right to be here so we’re just disappointed. It hurts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly or the Community Shield – it’s a trophy at the end of the day.”

Source – teamtalk

That’s some sensible comment right there from our Captain so, obviously, we can’t expect Arsenal fans to get that!

In the hindsight, though, I think we needed this loss to kick-start our campaign. Jose Mourinho would definitely be more furious than ever which means extra motivation for our players. Next up is another friendly against Fiorentina and after that we start our campaign as the defending champions!

Here’s to hoping that we get back to our best of form before the league starts and, oh, Fiorentina doesn’t sue us again for beating them in the friendly!

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