Nemanja Matic Talks About Manchester City Game – “If We Win, Then No One Will Be Talking About Swansea”

Are you excited to see Nemanja Matic square off against Yaya Toure?

I, for one, can’t wait for the “battle of the giants”! Remember Nemanja Matic made his Chelsea debut against Manchester City at the start of last year. The Serbian owning Yay Toure on more than one occasion was a sight to behold!

I never thought I would see anyone get the better of the Toure physically, but here was Nemanja Matic, who would soon go on to become the best Defensive Midfielder in Europe! An impressive feat for a man who was sold to Benfica few years back in an exchange deal!

Talking about tomorrow’s game against City, the Serbian was quite upbeat of our chances, even though, we haven’t won a game in 90 minutes for more than a month, maybe?

Matic thinks the disappointment against Swansea won’t matter anymore, if, somehow, we manage to snatch up 3 points against City tomorrow:

“It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, the most important thing is what you’re going to do tomorrow. If we draw, then that’s not great for us. But if we win, then no one will be talking about Swansea.

“These are the games I like to play in. It’s something special for all of us. We are prepared. Our statistics against big teams show how he (Mourinho) prepares for these games and I’m happy because of that.

No one can question Mourinho’s record against the big sides, but even a draw against our closest rivals tomorrow shouldn’t be an end of the world and I think Mourinho knows that too. We are still far from our usual best and I don’t think Mourinho would risk losing all 3 points against Pellegrini. The classic sit back and counter attack tactics it is then?

Talking about our League win, Matic felt it was the best moment of his career winning one of the most coveted trophies on the planet:

“We are professionals and we felt very good when we won the league. We want to repeat that. Last year was amazing for us when we won the league. We will fight until the end to win it again and we have the quality to do that.

“It was the best moment in my career as the Premier League is something special. It’s a great feeling when you see the table and see great teams are behind you.”

Source – SkySports

Sure, it was the best moment of your career, but wouldn’t it be extra awesome if you could repeat that feat once again with maybe a Champions League trophy acting as the cherry on top? Sounds great to me!

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