Must Read Player Interview – Asmir Begovic Analyses City Loss; Says All The Right Things

You know the situation couldn’t be any worse when Jose Mourinho loses to Arsene Wenger and Manuel Pellegrini in a matter of two weeks!

A lot has been discussed and analysed over our loss against our closest rival and it’s no secret that we are struggling as a team. The midfield looks incompetent, the defense looks shattered while, the attack is toothless. Could it get any more worse than this? Fortunately, not and that’s the only solace!

Asmir Begovic, who had to perform at a world-class level to save us from further humiliation has received praise from the manager and the fans subsequently. During an interview today, the Bosnian discussed the City loss and exactly what is wrong with the Blues at the moment:

“A couple of things are not quite going our way right now, but this is no time to start feeling sorry for ourselves.

“We know we have to raise our game, pick ourselves up and reach the levels we need to to compete for the title.

“We have to improve and pick up points. We still have a strong squad.

“We just need things to click for us. We are getting out sharpness, training has been competitive and strong.

“We will try and correct our performances and improve those levels. Then, hopefully, pick up the results and see how things are going.

Yes. Hopefully. That’s what we are hoping anyway! But, we are already 5 points behind City and United so early in the season; will that prove to be substantial in the future?

“It’s not the start we wanted after the first couple of games, having just one point on the board, but there is plenty of time to claw it back and make up those points.

“You never want to be behind, but there is still time to recoup those points and be where we want and need to be, come the business end of the season.

Okay, so Begovic thinks there’s still a long way to go to recoup those points and I completely agree with the Bosnian. Still 36 games to go, even Manchester City will stumble at some point in the season, and that’s when we need to be our best to close the gap!

The former Stoke City player was obviously excited to make his first full start for Chelsea, but it wasn’t the result he was expecting:

“I was obviously delighted to start the game, but it was just a shame that it was such a difficult one..

“We kept fighting and tried to stay in it for as long as we could, but the second goal killed it and City made life very difficult for us.

“It was tough to deal with. We expected City to come out very aggressive, strong and press hard.

“It was their first home game, so they wanted to prove a point and we were ready for it, but when they come at you like that, it’s difficult to deal with.

“We grew into the game and tried to do our best, but the second goal killed us. City were very good. They have top quality players and have strengthened, obviously.

“They’re a top quality side now and we expected nothing less than a very difficult game, and that’s what it turned out to be.

I don’t blame Begovic for any of those goals. In fact, he was the reason we didn’t lose the game by a scoreline of 8-0 or something. The Bosnian is a world-class goalkeeper, but he will probably have to sit in the bench since Courtois will return for the West Brom clash:

“I came here to compete, be part of the squad and club and it’s very exciting for me. When I’m called on I’ll do my best, that’s all I can do.

“Things like last week can happen sometimes. It’s unpredictable but I’m here to do the best that I can.”

Source – Mirror

All I will say is, amidst the controversies and lack of transfers, the signing of Asmir Begovic has been nothing short of a masterstroke!

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