Mourinho Not Concerned Over Costa’s Hamstrings – But, Apparently, We Are!

The case of Diego Costa and his frail hamstrings can be dated back to last year when he was still an Atletico Madrid player.

The Spaniard suffered a hamstring pull before the UCL final against Real Madrid and although, he is still the same player with a brilliant goal scoring record, his hamstrings have never been the same!

Costa spent much of the second half of last season on the bench. The fact that we were very well poised in the league and Remy proved to be more than able replacement; the absence of Costa didn’t hurt us that bad. We eventually won the league and Costa’s hamstrings managed a much-needed rest.

Come this season, we were hoping for a revitalized Costa tearing up the PL defenses but, unfortunately, the curse of his hamstrings came to bite us, this time even before the start of our campaign!

So, obviously, Mourinho has been quizzed a lot on the situation and, although, the Portuguese seemed relax at first, the concerns are showing up now, even if he doesn’t admit that:

“The only thing I can reassure about it is that he is working hard. He was not ready for the Community Shield, but everybody around him is working to help him.

“I do not like the word concern because I have other players. It is not my way to be complaining about players who do not play.

“In such a small squad like we have, when someone is missing I am not happy but I will not complain.”

Source – Standard

He might not complain, but the fans are already getting anxious over the situation. Is Remy good enough to lead our line or will Falcao get back to his very best? There are plenty of questions with no answers, yet! Rest assured, this season is sure going to be an interesting one!

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