Manuel Pellegrini Talks About Jose Mourinho Before The Big Game

Everyone knows about the fierce rivalry between the two managers who are about to face off on Sunday with their respective sides. Yes, I am talking about Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini!

The rivalry dates back to 2010 when Mourinho made some remarks at the former Madrid manager which did not bode well with Pellegrini. The tension between the two big names brewed up so much that both the managers refused to shake hands when they faced off in England for the first time in 2013. You might remember that game where Torres scored the winner in the extra time and the subsequent “HE IS BACK” echos all over the world. Yeah, good times!

But, before we square off against our biggest title contenders at Etihad, Pellegrini has played down his rivalry with the Portuguese this time in the pre-match press conference:

“I said the first day I arrived here I have my differences with him but… I always shake hands with him.”

That certainly wasn’t the case in 2013 but, yeah, whatever! Although, if it’s a jibe at Wenger then well done Pello, you have my respect!

Frankly, I don’t care if either manager snubs the hand shaking, what I do care for is the 3 points that’s on offer. And that’s exactly what Pellegrini thinks too:

“We are not thinking about the title in the second game but we are thinking about trying to win our points at home, especially as we are playing against the champions and one of the teams that has a lot of chances to win the title.

“It is the same as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham – all the big teams.”

Source – Independent

I also don’t care if both the managers try to play down the hype surrounding the game in the press conferences, as I am absolutely sure, neither of them would want to go back with 0 points at the end of 90 minutes.

So, buckle up boys, for we are in for a roller coaster ride at Etihad on Sunday. Hopefully, the players in the darker Blue shirts prevail this face off!

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