Lack Of Defenders Is Our Weakness – Jose Mourinho

The English media are having a heavenly time for the last few weeks as Jose Mourinho has been in incredibly chatty and trollish mood!

The Portuguese has been talking a lot about his team compensations, transfer rumors, Rafa Benitez’s diet plan among others. Today, “the happy one” was in a rather serious mood as he talked about the need of a defender in our squad.

As we are already aware, after the departure of Filipe Luis, we currently have only 5 defenders for 4 positions. That’s a suicidal number going into the Premier League season. Jose Mourinho definitely recognizes that in this interview:

“We cannot go to the Premier League with five defenders – that’s our weakness. At this moment we have five: four to play and one on the bench. In this moment it’s not a priority but in three days, if we lose one, it becomes a priority. Five is not enough. That’s obvious.”

“We have this time to organise that area where the quality is good but the numbers are not enough.”

The quality is definitely good, but the numbers are not enough, that’s for sure! So, the question is if Mourinho does recognize our weaknesses, why doesn’t he do anything about it?

“I have people in mind but I know that the market sometimes has no rules. We, as Chelsea, we make our own rules. To make our own rules is to evaluate the players and to know the player’s value, and to know when we have to stop and turn to another side, and thinking of another option.”

Source – the guardian

I get it what he’s trying to say. When a decent player like John Stones is being valued over 30 Million Pounds, the market is definitely crazy. As Mourinho said, we have to turn to other side and think of other options eventually.

A back left back, possibly Baba Rahman, is most likely to join us in the coming days but apart from him, we do need another centre back to go into this season. If it isn’t John Stones, it would be someone else. Although, it kinda makes me feel we should have sticked with the versatile Tomas Kalas or even Nathan Ake!

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