Jose Mourinho Talks About Diego Costa’s Fitness And Petr Cech!

As you all would be well aware, the Gooners tried to troll us after Thibaut Courtois was sent off against Swansea. Nevertheless, they were left biting their lips, after the game against West Ham.

But let’s not talk about Gooners here, otherwise this will turn into a sarcastic, trolling, Arsenal bashing article; which I can’t say I don’t like, but still, let’s focus on what Jose Mourinho thinks about the departure of Petr Cech and his two Goalkeepers:

“We don’t miss Petr. We’ve got a good keeper, the problem with Petr is not that we miss him because we have two excellent keepers.

“The problem with Petr is that an opponent is better than before.

“Thibaut and Asmir are two fantastic keepers. My club did very well by getting a keeper on time and not on the August 31.

“If my club gives me a keeper on August 31, then we have a problem not just for today but also for the next match. Unless the people understand that it’s not a red card and they clear the suspension.”

I don’t think we miss Petr either! Sure, he is a legend at the Bridge, but the truth is we do have a keeper in Courtois, who is already as good as Cech, not to mention, a decade younger!

If there was any doubt regarding Asmir Begovic’s talent, well, he did put it all to rest after a spectacular second half against Swansea. So, yes, I don’t think we will miss our legend going forward in the season.

Also a word on Diego Costa’s fitness:

“He did very well, and again the second half is very difficult because it was a big difference — one player less and a lot of effort and even so I was not expecting him to resist for 90 minutes.

“But because we wanted to try to get a goal we went with him until the end and it was very important and new for us that he played for 90 minutes with such a physical performance.

“He is happy with the reaction. He is okay, happy, he is very happy and with the reaction with his body after such a hard game.”

Source – espnFC

Great news! But I ain’t gonna jump with excitement knowing Costa’s hamstring can LOLspur at any moment! So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope he could be available for the big game against City!

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