Jose Mourinho On Gym Sessions And Being “Unpredictable”!

Although, we are already two weeks in, it seems like the Premier League season is just starting for Chelsea Football Club!

After managing just 1 point in the first two games, Chelsea have finally secured the signing of Pedro Rodriguez and Baba Rahman to bolster the squad. Maybe John Stones will be a Chelsea player by the end of this window, maybe not. Paul Pogba surely wouldn’t be! But, we are finally looking like a squad getting back on track.

Jose Mourinho, obviously, isn’t happy with the form of his players as we haven’t performed to our potential. Talking to our official website, Mourinho dwelled on the topic:

“What can we do better? What we have been trying to do this week: watching more videos, trying to find better training exercises, being more active in training, and looking for the adequate feedback at the right moment.

“Even I go to the gym every day to get fitter – maybe I need to have more action on the touchlines and I need to be fitter!”

Even Mourinho is going to the gym to recover his lost mojo? More actions on the touchline? Damn! the Portuguese is serious about winning!

Mourinho mentioned the same in his press conference too, yesterday; the players have been more active, more intense in training as we look to get back to our winning ways. Hopefully, we do!

“We are working on different formations. It’s something we need to have as an alternative.

“When you have strikers like we have, why not play with two strikers. When you have fast people like Zouma and Azpilicueta, why not play with three defenders. Now we have some time to do that because we have one week [between games] to work.

“It doesn’t mean we cannot start from the base, and the base was what we did last season in terms of philosophy and model of play. To have other alternatives is also important.”

Source – ChelseaFC

Having Radamel Falcao and Diego Costa at our helms means we can play with two strikers up top if the need arises. Falcao is usually the lone target man while Costa drops behind him to provide support to the Colombian.

Having quick defenders like Zouma, Azpilicueta and now Baba Rahman means we can also settle on a back 3 if we are behind in a game and want to make an attacking change.

These are just some of the alternatives that are being explored by Mourinho in the training sessions because we will definitely face these situations at some part of the season.

Maybe, it’s these little preparations, training and the passion for the game which makes him the best manager in the world!

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