INTERVIEW – Jose Mourinho Gives The Reason For Our Slow Start This Season!

Okay, so we didn’t have the best of start to this season!

Reason? Well, there could be numerous reasons as to where certain things went wrong against Arsenal and the opening fixture against Swansea City; but the truth is we were just not ready enough to cope with the hustle and tussles of the League, yet! Our preseason was short and the boys were not in their best of shapes; Well, at least that’s what Mourinho reckons!

Talking to our Official Website, this is what he had to say on our slow start:

“We made a decision which was to give the players a proper holiday. At that moment we knew the start was not going to be the same kind of start we had last year.

“Last year we started early, we worked in different periods of pre-season, we played a lot of matches  before the start of the season, and we had a fantastic start, but I think we paid for that quick start at the end of the season.

“The team was tired, but we managed to control our destiny in the Premier League with the advantage we had in our pocket, which was not normal in this league.

“This season we tried to go in another direction. We went for a slower start, with a short pre-season. We know what we are doing, but clearly some didn’t react as well as we expected.”

Yes, players like Fabregas and Ivanovic have been the off pace while Diego Costa has been nursing his hamstring for the better part of the last one month. I guess, that’s what you get with a short preseason!

So, what happens next? When will we be back to our best? What can we expect from the Manchester City game?

“This week was a fantastic week for us because it was one more week of pre-season, with no matches, no traveling, nothing – just training from Monday to Saturday. The next three weeks will be the same. At the end of the fourth match in the Premier League, we are going to be in a good situation.

“We are not on top of our game, but the normal tendency is to improve week after week.”

So Mourinho reckons we won’t be back to our very best until September! But, hopefully, we will be good enough to get the job done at Etihad tomorrow.

The Portuguese is also satisfied with his team’s performance against Arsenal and Swansea in the last couple of weeks:

“The start against Arsenal was not bad, but the result was not the one we wanted. The first half against Swansea I liked a lot. We were back to a certain level of quality of our game.

“In the second half against Swansea I loved the players’ answer from a mental point of view. From a physical point of view the team was in trouble a bit playing with 10 men, but even so, in the last period of the game, if somebody was putting wood on the fire to try to win, it was us.”

Yes, sure, we played brilliantly in the second half and maybe even deserved to win the Swansea game but “all hard work and no points” that’s an Arsenal way, not the way of the Champions. Hopefully, we don’t repeat that kind of performance against City tomorrow or things can get really ugly for Mourinho!

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