“I Let Go Off Schurrle And De Bruyne Because They Were Always Crying” – Jose Mourinho

Folks, welcome to the yet another episode of “We need to talk about Kevin”, hosted by Jose Mourinho, this time also featuring Andre Schurrle!

Ever since the Belgian left the Stamford Bridge, there have been constant punches thrown from the either side. Mourinho claims the lack of motivation as a possible reason for De Bruyne’s sale while, the Belgian claims the lack of chances for his eventual departure.

With De Bruyne emerging as one of the best players in Bundesliga, Jose has been criticised by Pundits and some fans over the sale of the winger.

With the Belgian probably set to sign for Manchester City, Jose was again asked the question regarding the sale of the talented winger:

“With De Bruyne, if you have a player knocking on your door and crying every day he wants to leave, you have to make a decision.

“At that time, Chelsea did well. If De Bruyne stayed here, not happy and not motivated, and we’d sold him after a year, we’d have got less — 50 percent less than what we sold him for. So we sold him. At that moment, it was very good business.

I would take what Jose says on face value here. There is no reason for Jose to sell such a talented player unless, he has some attitude problem. And if that’s the case, I would rather, we sell him instead of being stuck with him!

Although, Jose has been criticised recently after Manchester City are set to bring him to Etihad for nearly 50 Million Pounds!

“If somebody comes and pays for him what somebody would pay for [Lionel] Messi or Cristiano [Ronaldo], it looks from the eyes of the world that it’s bad business from us.

“But, if he was at Chelsea and not at Wolfsburg, he wouldn’t have reached this level. It was like a wall, a block. He was not ready to compete. He was an upset kid, training very bad.

“He always said he had trained well in his life, but he needs motivation to train well by playing every game. Andre Schurrle was a bit the same.”

Wow! Never knew this about Schurrle! Jose, surprisingly, has spoken nothing about the German since we decided to offload him.

He did say something on the line that Schurrle wasn’t ready to compete for his place and was unhappy with his role, but he was never so straight forward with his reasoning! Maybe, this will help me not miss Schurrle in Blue anymore.

“If you think it [De Bruyne’s sale] is my mistake, then it’s my mistake that Eden Hazard is worth more than £100 million.

“What I cannot do is bring us up to a certain level and then not play him. If I don’t play Hazard and play De Bruyne or Andre Schurrle, they would have been playing for Chelsea, but Hazard wouldn’t.”

Source – ESPNFC

Having a Hazard is definitely better than having De Bruyne and Andre Schurrle!

Now, I know some people may not agree with me, but I think the main reason for De Bruyne’s success at Wolfsburg was the fact that he was the focal point of their attack. Playing a counter-attacking game, the Belgian wasn’t required to get back and help in the defense while, the German side was dependent on him to “make things happen”.

That’s not a bad thing too. More often than not, we are dependent on Eden Hazard for the same reason. But, at Manchester City, De Bruyne wouldn’t be the lone star in the squad. He would have to compete against the likes of Jesus Navas and Samir Nasri and still, the likes of Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Yaya Toure would be the focal point of the attack.

The Belgian is a very, very talented player, no doubt. But, his time at Man City wouldn’t be as rosy as it was at Wolfsburg; that is if he does join the Etihad outfit!

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