Game Of Stones Featuring White Walkers And Chilling Cold

Yesterday, we covered a news report that John Stones has handed in a transfer request to Everton’s sporting director. That should have sealed the deal for the Blues and put an end to this long withstanding transfer saga, right?

Well, apparently not! Everton director Jon Woods, in a statement, clarified that there’s no way he is gonna let go off the Englishman so easily.

Apparently an Everton supporter asked him from the stands whether he is gonna sell John Stones to Chelsea and here’s what Woods replied:

“I won’t sell him, Bill [Kenwright, chairman] won’t sell him, there’s a handful of days to go.”

Of course, the Liverpool accent is so messed up that he might have meant “I want to sell him, Bill wants to sell him, there’s a buttload of money involved” and the others would have had no idea about that! I guess, we will know for sure in the next few days.

Meanwhile, on the subject of handing in the transfer request, Roberto Martinez remained as stubborn as always:

“No, no. When you have a long-term contract those things doesn’t change at all.

“I think it has gone too far that situation that any action would change it because it is not something that is brand new. In a saga of I don’t know how many weeks now, we are very clear.”

I am sure it didn’t change for Romelu Lukaku as well, eh?

Not only the manager but even the players are trying everything they can to hold off to the Yorkshire lad. After Romelu Lukaku, it was Steven Naismith’s turn to convince John Stones on what lay behind the walls:

“Have a long think about it – the grass isn’t always greener,” said Naismith. “At this stage, it’s hard for players to see this exact moment in their career. You can be blinded.”

Source – Mirrors

Yes, beware of what lay behind the walls; The chilling cold, the white walkers and everything bad. Oh wait..aren’t we talking about Jon Snow here?

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