Fabregas’ Gradual Turn From An Asset To A Liability – An Analysis

“Fabregas did not look like he knew whether he was meant to be an attacking midfielder or a defensive one. He ended up being neither.

Because he was caught in two minds, he was not in position to help Matic when City came forward. Too many times they went at Chelsea straight down the middle through David Silva or Sergio Aguero and it was too easy for them.

On top of not offering his defenders any protection, Fabregas did not do anything of note going forward either.

He was not playing any dangerous balls up to Diego Costa and Chelsea’s other forwards and was not particularly effective when he got up the pitch to join them.

Fabregas was not the only one of their players to have a poor first 45 minutes, but I was at a loss to see what he was trying to do.”

Source – BBC

Those are the views of Alan Shearer after the defeat against Manchester City. Can’t say I don’t agree because this is exactly how I feel!

Cesc Fabregas has been awful since the start of this year. The Spaniard, who was instrumental for us in winning the Premier League last season, has wore down and faded away since the second half of last season, so has his assists and goals!

So, what changed? The midfielder with the magic hat racked up assists like crazy in the first half of last year, but his credentials have gradually changed from an asset to a liability.

More often than not, Nemanja Matic has to carry him in the midfield, while, against the big sides, Mourinho is forced to play the likes of Ramires/Zouma/Mikel to provide that extra protection in the middle at the expense of an attacking midfielder. A similar thing happened at City last weekend, it was just that Ramires was equally as inept as Fabregas!

The way David Silva ran past his fellow countryman like he was invisible while, Matic was left to cover the whole midfield on his own, we were bound to explode; thankfully Aguero wasn’t at his goalscoring best on that day!

Liverpool defender and Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher had a few interesting things to say on this situation after the game:

“Why do you play Ramires?” Carragher asked as part of his analysis of the game for Sky Sports. “Because you’ve got someone in Cesc Fabregas who is a fantastic footballer, creates goals, scores goals, but he can’t defend – as we saw in the first 10 seconds when David Silva turns him and puts Sergio Aguero through.

“He lacks tactical intelligence, especially defensively. That’s one of the reasons Barcelona let Chelsea take him.”

“If you play him in there [central midfield], Fabregas needs protection from Matic and Ramires and he didn’t get that, especially from Ramires.

“The problems they had down that left side came from Ramires and Fabregas together.”

Source – Goal

I completely agree with Carragher here and I would just like to add that Ivanovic’s drop in form has just aggravated this matter. The Serbian is having a hard time at the Right Wing which further messes the chemistry of the side.

Fabregas is incapable of holding the right side of the midfield on his own, and usually, he is unsure of whether to attack or defend. Some competition for the Spaniard (maybe even Marco Van Ginkel) or at least an extra Defensive Midfielder who could do the job better than Ramires, would have been nice.

But, MVG is already on loan to Stoke and for some reasons, we didn’t go for Schneiderlin either! RLC is far from ready, and even if he was, Mourinho wouldn’t trust him in big games so, I guess, we are stuck with the same side. Hopefully, a Baba Rahman and a CB  would do the trick for us, because, well, things are looking good at the Bridge!

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