Back To The Game Of Stones- Is The Englishman Chelsea Bound After All?

So, we are back to the John Stones rumor.

The Sun reported earlier in the day that the Englishman was close to handing out a transfer request to the Toffees so that he could force a move to Stamford Bridge. It is being said that the young defender has been much influenced and intimidated by Chelsea’s interest and want to complete his much-awaited transfer to the Bridge ASAP!

But, Roberto Martinez has just put those rumors at rest in the pre-match press conference 48 hours before the Manchester City game:

Asked if there had been a transfer request from Stones, Martinez said: “No, not at all.”

“The only focus is on Man City on Sunday. I have no problems picking John for that game.

“I think the situation is going to be exactly the same. This has been the hot topic of this transfer window and I believe it will be a subject that is highlighted every day of this window.

“For us, the focus is the games and Manchester City this weekend. It’s natural and positive that we have an interest in our players from other clubs.

“It’s not an area that we need to concentrate on, we need to concentrate on playing the team that is top of the league in 48 hours.

“Any individual matter is not an important issue.”

Source – SkySports

I won’t say that I am surprised because this is exactly how the things have been panning out in the Game Of Stones. Some tabloids start out a rumor and everyone loses their mind before Roberto Martinez disappointingly denies it. See the pattern?

Although, to those of you who believes in the conspiracy theories, maybe John Stones is Chelsea bound after all and we are just holding off our interest before Everton plays Manchester City? We would want Everton to play full strength and snatch some points off our rivals, wouldn’t we?

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