Why Would Radamel Falcao Be A Success At Chelsea!

Radamel Falcao “used to be” the most feared striker on the planet, a couple of years ago. But since he suffered that knee injury with Monaco, the Colombian has only been a shadow of himself. His last season with Manchester United was a disaster and that’s why lots of eyebrows were raised when we signed him on a year-long loan deal.

But, given his utter failure at the Old Trafford, why go for him now? Falcao seems to have lost his touch, his confidence and everything else that made him such a fearsome player amongst the defenders. Still, Mourinho believes, he can get the best out of the Colombian, why?

Let’s look at Mourinho’s thinking behind this signing:

“I watched our game against Manchester United a few times. I spoke with John and Cahill a lot about him and we think the bright movement is there, the movement to get freedom in the box to score goals is there. Our players had difficulty to control him and we feel the potential is there. Let’s see if he can improve his confidence, his happiness.”

Jose Mourinho knows more about football than we do and so does John Terry and Gary Cahill. So, if the Portuguese and the Englishmen think that the “Striker’s movement” is still there and the Colombian is still good enough to bang goals for fun, we should probably believe them on this.

But, the other question that arises with this statement is; if the intention, the movement was still there, why did he failed so horribly at Manchester United? There’s got to be an explanation to that, right? Fortunately, yes!

“Every team has their style of play and every manager has their way of football. If Mr Van Gaal didn’t play him more it’s because he had his ideas and we have to respect that.

“If we want, we can play with Costa and him together – it is something they did before when they were in Atletico. Can he be the Falcao of Atletico? We believe so.”

Jose Mourinho blames the system that was deployed by Louis Van Gal, for the failure of Radamel Falcao. Add to that, the news of a possible rift between Van Gal and Falcao, it’s entirely possible that once the Colombian has his confidence back under Mourinho, the tides might turn in his favour.

You see, the thing with ACL injuries is that it takes around a year to get back to full fitness and at least a year more to get back to your best. Now, we may not see the Falcao of Atletico Madrid at Stamford Bridge next season because he is probably past his prime but, a Striker of his quality can still contribute massively for us.

With Loic Remy set to stay with the Blues, the question is, what role would Falcao play with us? Will he be the backup to Costa or will he be the third choice striker?

“He can be second, first or third [choice]. He knows, Diego knows and [Loïc] Rémy knows that. It is open competition between the three of them. That’s our objective, that’s why we want three strikers ready and important.

Mourinho insists that it is an open battle between the three strikers which is good for the club. Having 3 world-class options is always good, especially, if they are injury prone! Playing Falcao alongside Costa is also an option and if they both are at their very best, defenders are more likely to piss their pants rather than try to defend a goal!

With Falcao involved in Copa America, the Colombian has an extended time off from the pre-season but he is expected to join us in Montreal today:

“We are not expecting him to join us Tuesday and then play on Saturday and score a hat-trick. But he has to be ready for the first league game. Maybe not the Community Shield [against Arsenal on 2 August]. But after two and a half weeks of training, he must be ready.

He is not happy that in England people think he is not as good as he is and his motivation is there. He lost money to come to us; he didn’t want to listen to other offers.”

Source – Independent

Mourinho reiterates Falcao’s desire to lose money in order to join us in spite of other interests. That should be enough motivation for the Colombian to prove his critics wrong and maybe score a hat-trick against United? That would be sweet!

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