Where Does Chelsea Ranks Financially Amongst The Topmost Clubs Of The World?

We are a club on the rise ever since Roman Abramovich took over. Financially, we are amongst the topmost clubs of the world as we have come a long way since the last decade.

But, there’s still a long way to go if you compare us to the likes of Real Madrid or Manchester United financially or even Manchester City for that matter.

According to a report published in express:

“Manchester City is valued at £890million and ranked 29th among global sports teams. Chelsea (£877m) are two places below City at 31st, while Arsenal (£839m) sit 36th in the 2015 list.”

31st in the list of the most valuable club in the world? I say that’s not bad at all! Especially if you compare us to the pre-Roman era, we have come a very long way and are still on the rise. Although, that doesn’t mean we are anywhere close to the topmost brands of the world:

“However, the Premier League trio remains a long distance behind title rivals Manchester United, who it is estimated are worth £1.98billion.

Forbes rate United as the fifth most valuable team on the planet, although they have slipped two places since 2014.”

That’s obvious because United have been a top club for a long time and it will still take a lot of effort for us to compete with them on a global scale. But, what is this estimation based on?

“Valuations are made based on revenues, TV deals, sponsorships, squad value and other aspects of the business.”

We have been doing pretty well on the above aspects as of late, and hopefully the sky is the limit! If we can continue like this, maybe we will be able to compete with the top brands pretty soon.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the top football club of the world, the answer is pretty obvious:

Real Madrid are top of the pile after their 2014 Champions League victory pushed their valuation to £2.2bn.

Never doubted that!

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