We Need To Talk About Kevin! Again!

We have been talking about Kevin De Bruyne for the past one and a half years while, Kevin De Bruyne hasn’t been shy of returning the favor!

Any talks involving De Bruyne, Chelsea, and Jose Mourinho have been far from friendly and over the months, the situation has only turned bitter. From Jose Mourinho questioning the Belgian’s attitude to the Belgian blaming Jose Mourinho for not trusting him enough to give him chances on the pitch, it has been a never ending saga.

Although, you would think that the situation would probably solve itself by now but, as it turns out, De Bruyne is set to join Manchester City and the old wounds are just beginning to open up again!

Jose Mourinho took the pleasure to fire few more shots on De Bruyne recently. Let’s see what he had to say:

“That is unfair because I wanted to keep him. And he told me it was not in his personality to be competing for a position in the team. He needed a team where he knows he can play every game. He needs to know that he is important.

“He did not want a team where he thinks am I playing or not? He needs that trust, he needs that quality. He needs that security. So I was not happy when he left. So yes it’s not fair.

“He didn’t tell me he couldn’t handle the pressure. He told me he wanted to play every weekend. I told him this is Chelsea, you are very young, you have Eden Hazard, you have Mata, you have Willian, you have Schürrle, and I cannot promise you that.

“And the first game of the season against Hull City he played. For the second game against Manchester United, he played. The third game of the season was the Super Cup in Prague, I decided not to play him. For the fourth match, in the Premier League, he was on the bench. And he was not happy. He told me he was not happy.

I don’t know the truth behind this whole situation. De Bruyne thinks he was unfairly treated at Chelsea while, Mourinho thinks it was the Belgian’s attitude which lead to him being sold eventually!

Whatever the case, I am going to take Mourinho’s side here. As we have seen over the years, he is on of the best managers in world football who likes his players to play and act in a certain way. Maybe, the “Bundesliga’s young player of the year” didn’t have that quality in him which Mourinho demands from his players. But that doesn’t mean, he is not a good player. Wolfsburg suited his playing style and the versatile midfielder was a success with the Bundesliga outfit.

His case was slightly different with us and that’s why he was sold for a hefty profit in the end:

“He was not training very well and he was saying: ‘I can’t give you more. This is just my way.’

“So yes, I accept that if this is his mentality and it’s his choice to go, it is better for Chelsea to make a good deal. Chelsea made a good deal and he was happy to go and I am happy because the kid is a good kid. And I am happy for him.

“Players have different circumstances. We sold him, made our money and it was fantastic because we bought him cheap and sold him for a fantastic price. And now Wolfsburg, if they make a fantastic deal, that is good for them.”

Source – Guardian

Well, with Kevin De Bruyne set to join Manchester City, “the war of the words” isn’t going to end anytime soon. Let’s see how the Belgian pans out in his second Premier League stint.

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