Thibaut Courtois Talks About Life After Petr Cech! Reckons Begovic Is As Good As Cech

Thibaut Courtois is undeniably our No.1 Shot-stopper after the departure of Petr Cech!

Not that he wasn’t last season, but you would think that the Belgian wouldn’t be under so much pressure now since the legend left the Bridge?

You are wrong! Courtois thinks Begovic is an amazing Goal-Keeper and it’s going to be just as difficult this season as it was in the last:

“It is the same as last year for me. I started the pre-season thinking as a No1 and trying to get myself ready for the first game. There is no difference in having Petr Cech behind me or Asmir. They’re both great keepers and I know I have to play well and that is what I’m trying to do.

“We saw last season that having another good keeper is very good because Petr saved us a lot of points and helped us to secure the Premier League title.

“My life is not any easier now. Last season was the same because I knew Petr wanted to play. I had the confidence of the manager and the team and I think I did well. You know when you have a good keeper behind you, you have to play well.

“Asmir and Petr are the same for me. OK, Petr was a Chelsea legend and he has more support from the fans maybe, but I will always do my best for the team. Last season went well winning the League Cup and Premier League and hopefully we can win more trophies and defend the title.”

That’s what we hope too Thibo! More trophies and silverware at the Bridge!

Courtois insists that Asmir and Cech are same for him as they both are quality keepers who have the capability of seizing every opportunity presented to them. But, the Belgian shot-stopper doesn’t want to be compared to the Chelsea legend. Courtois maintains that he is different from Cech:

“Of course I hope to win as many trophies as I can, but I will not look to what Petr did. What he did with Chelsea was something great, alongside Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and John Terry. Now it’s the new era. I don’t want to be compared with Petr. I am a new player, another keeper and I’m going a different way.

“What Petr did with Chelsea was exceptional. I hope to get as many trophies as he did. But his tally it is not something I am staring at.”

Lastly, on the question of staying at Chelsea for a long time:

“Will I be here for a decade like him? We will see what happens. I have a contract for another four years and we will see how things go. I am happy here in Chelsea. In my first year I won two trophies, which is amazing. Let’s hope we can continue like that and add more trophies to my collection. That will be awesome.”

Source – Guardian

Thibaut Courtois is perhaps one of the top 5 GoalKeepers on the planet. But the exciting part is, the Belgian has still got some room for improvement. Hopefully, he realizes his full potential soon enough and stays with the Blues for a long and trophy-laden time!

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