The New Episode Of Mohamed Salah’s Soap Opera Is Out – Please Take a Look!

Hey, everyone! A very warm welcome to all of you in the new episode of your favorite Soap Opera, Mohamed Salah and the case of crazy legal actions!

Let’s recap a bit. As you already know, Salah was tipped to join Fiorentina on a season-long loan but, the Egyptian refused to move back to the Serie A side for some unknown reasons, possibly involving money. Fiorentina threatened to take legal actions, some nasty things were said by the players agent and although, Salah did try to clear some air, it was too little too late.

So what happened next? Let’s take a look at that in the current episode:

You know Paolo Panerai? Well, he is the vice-president of Fiorentina and he is pretty pissed at Mohamed Salah and Inter Milan for all this mess. After looking at his Twitter rant, all I can say is, he certainly didn’t hold back his anger on this situation. Let’s take a look at what he Tweeted:

“Dear Giovanni, Salah is the final straw. We can no longer tolerate that signatures and rules are worth less than zero. If football clubs were to respect transparency rules, then Inter would already have been relegated. Whose money is it being used, is it starting from the Cayman Islands? Michel Platini knows that Inter have broken the Uefa Fair Play rules. For Salah and other players who cost millions. This is the chance to make an example of them.”

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Wow! Imagine that happening in Premier League. The world would explode! Anyways, so what’s next now? Inter Milan threatening the Viola for legal actions? That would be funny and ironical. Oh Salah, look what you have done! By the way, Fiorentina did try to calm the situation with a tweet of their own:

“ACF Fiorentina wishes to clarify that recent comments made by board member Paolo Panerai are his own personal views and not those of the club.”

Source – SportsMole

It’s all too little too late, and everyone knows that. Mohamed Salah, who struggled to even make our bench, has made such an impact in six months in Serie A, that everyone is dying to have a piece of the Egyptian Messi! Imagine the kind of impact the likes of Hazard and Costa would have in Serie A! Way to go Salah!

Now, as long as Chelsea stays out of all these legal whatnots, let’s sit back and wait for the next episode. ‘Till Next time!

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