Shirt Sponsorship Money – How Much Would Chelsea Earn From The Yokohama Deal

The money from shirt sponsorship is a major part of a club’s revenue. But do you ever wonder how much does a team earn from the shirt sponsorships?

Chelsea have recently ended their partnership with Samsung and Yokohama are our new shirt sponsors as you can see in our new kits. But how much money do we make through our sponsorship agreements?

The Mirror published a report recently where they listed us on the second position in the Premier League based on the money we will make after negotiating a deal with Yokohama:

“Champions Chelsea will pocket £40m in 2015/16 after negotiating a deal with Yokohama, taking the total amount earned by the 20 teams to £218.65m.

“Manchester United’s deal with Chevrolet will earn them a staggering £47m, meaning they account for 21.5 percent of the whole league’s earnings.

“Arsenal (£30m), Liverpool (£25m) and Manchester City (£20m) complete the top five while Tottenham (£16m) are the only other team to earn more than £10m.”

Not that far behind United, are we?

This new deal will see Chelsea earn a staggering amount of money just second to United, which is pretty great! The Premier League is on the rise and so is Chelsea:

“For the first time in history, Premier League clubs will earn more than £200million in just one season from shirt sponsorship.”

Here’s the list of the Premier League clubs and the amount of money they will earn from the sponsorship deals:

  1. Man United – Chevrolet – £47m

  2. Chelsea – Yokohama – £40m

  3. Arsenal – Fly Emirates – £30m

  4. Liverpool – Standard Chartered – £25m

  5. Man City – Etihad – £20m

  6. Tottenham – AIA – £16m

  7. Newcastle – Wonga –£6m

  8. West Ham – Betway – £6m

  9. Everton – Chang Beer – £5.3m

  10. Aston Villa – Dafabet – £5m

  11. Sunderland – Bidvest – £5m

  12. Swansea – GWFX – £4m

  13. Stoke City – Bet365 – £3m

  14. Watford – – £1.4m

  15. West Brom – Intuit Quickbooks – £1.2m

  16. Leicester City – King Power – £1m

  17. Norwich City – Aviva – £1m

  18. Southampton – Veho – £1m

  19. Bournemouth – Mansion – £750,000

  20. Crystal Palace – Mansion – £750,000

Source – Mirror

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