Post Match Conference – Jose Mourinho Gives Update On Injuries To Costa And Cahill

So, the pre-season finally ends! You know what that means, right? It means the real Football is back! Oh, how I have missed those weekends full of Premier League action! But we shall not have to wait any longer!

But, before that, let’s talk about our game against Barcelona. It was a rather high intensity and entertaining game for a friendly and Chelsea prevailed 4-2 on penalties. Eden Hazard and Gary Cahill were the goal scorers for Chelsea in either half as Thibaut Courtois again showed why he is worthy enough to replace Cech at Chelsea!

Oh, and Messi didn’t score against us (although, him not playing had something to do with it!) So, it was all good right?

Unfortunately, not! Everything wasn’t as rosy as we hoped as Diego Costa limped off with what looked like a hamstring injury (?) while, England’s brave, Gary Cahill probably broke his nose while scoring the equaliser in the dying minutes!

Let’s see what Jose Mourinho has to say 0n the situation of both the players:

“Cahill has a chance of a broken nose, maybe yes, maybe no. If no, perfect. If yes, he will get a mask tomorrow to be ready for Sunday.

“Diego felt a little thing in his hamstring. We believe it is just a feeling, no more than that, but we have to wait.”

Damn! That hamstring of Costa! Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. We wouldn’t want to lose our premier striker at the start of the season, now, would we? At least we have a couple of very able replacements in the worst case scenario!

As far as Gary Cahill is concerned, the Englishman will play the Community Shield game against Arsenal in spite of a possibly broken nose. So after the legend of Zorres, Ramires, and Fabregas, it’s Gary Cahill who will continue this tradition of wearing the mask. Brilliant!

Mourinho also thanked the 70,000 odd crowd for coming to watch the game:

“My first thought when I got on the pitch was the amazing colour of the game

“The crowd was beautiful. The blue guys and the Barcelona people were together. There was lots of colour. The screens were amazing.

“Barcelona were not worried about winning or losing. They were training – the same as us. It was not a tactical game. It was two teams looking for the best intensity, the best form.

“For me it was fantastic. I thanked Luis Enrique a lot for what they gave us. It was just what we needed.

“It was 2-2; it could have been 4-4. The penalties mean nothing for us, nothing for Barca but for the people it means a lot. The 70,000 or so people that were here go home happy. It was good promotion for soccer in the US and good for the promotion of our clubs.”

Source – Chelsea FC

Indeed it was! But the preseason’s over now and it’s time for some real football. It’s time to restrain Arsenal from winning a “trophy” which is such a big motivation in itself, so, good luck for the Community Shield boys!

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