Player Interview – Oscar Hopes To Beat Eden Hazard Next Season!

After spending just three years at the Bridge, Oscar is fast turning into an enigma among the Chelsea fans!

There’s one group of fans who believe in Oscar’s potential and consider him amongst the very best No.10 of modern football.  Then there is this second group who is not so fond of the Brazilian and wants to sell him for a reasonable sum. Personally, I am a big fan of Oscar, and needless to say, I am in the first group.

But, even the supporters of the 23-year-old cannot overlook the fact that Oscar fades away considerably in the second half of the season. For the last couple of years, Oscar has been our very best performer in the first half of the Premier League and even Mourinho acknowledges that fact. But, the second half has been a different story altogether and our No.10 has struggled for consistency. Result? Transfer rumors!

Still, when our CAM is in full flow, we are able to play our most fluid and attacking football and that’s not a coincidence. His understanding with Fabregas, the high pressing, contribution in defense as well as in attack and the general intent to dispossess the opponent is what makes him such an important asset to the team.

Last few seasons have been very hard on Oscar as he never had the time to recuperate and even he acknowledges that:

“I have been at Chelsea for three years, but I still have a lot more to offer. Now that I have had a full summer off, I am hopeful I can sustain my form.”

Yes, that’s what we want from you Oscar! Consistency!

Mourinho made a statement a couple of months earlier where he talked about Oscar and the evolution he is supposed to have this season. What’s Oscar take on that?

Well, you would be surprised to know that Oscar is aiming to beat Eden Hazard for the Player of the season award next year:

“It is an ambition of mine. I want to do it. I think I have the quality, I am strong in the mind and good with my feet. If I play my best, I will try to win the Player of the Year. The manager wants me to play like Eden did and at the top level all the season.

“I am a different player to Eden. He has his qualities, I have mine. I’ll try to have my best-ever season.”

Source – Standard

Wow! Having both Eden and Oscar at their very best means, we are in for some beautiful and attacking football this season! Hopefully, Oscar can add some consistency to his play and we are set in the Attacking Midfield department!

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