MUST READ Player Interview – Diego Costa Talks About Falcao And Battle With Defenders!

“I go into the battle, you come with me” became the catch phrase amongst the Chelsea fans, the past season.

I would be honest here. Diego Costa is the kind of character you would love to have on your side but, you would probably hate him with all your guts if he is an opposition. That’s why, it feels extra sweet having Diego Costa at our helms! Much like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or John Terry.

Costa played a key role in our domestic double last season, scoring 20 goals in all competitions. His ferocious attitude and the stomach for a fight earned him a reputation amongst the opposition defenders and referees, as the Striker piled up 10 Yellow cards in his first season.

So, if you thought that the Spanish Striker will mellow down a bit this time around, you are wrong!
In an interview with the Telegraph, Costa assured that he is not going to change the way he plays:

“It doesn’t matter if defenders want to battle with me or not, I will just be trying to do my job as well as I possibly can. Do I enjoy the aggression of English football? No. I like to play football, I like to score goals, I like to do things well.

“I don’t think I have done anything malicious; I’ve not had a red card, so why change anything about the way I am? I’ve always played this way for all the sides I’ve been with and I’ve always scored a lot of goals in this style.

“The key for me is to score goals and win trophies, if I change in any way, I’m not going to be the same player. Goals are what count for me. It’s not about a battle with defenders. Fighting hard, giving everything and working hard on the field you have to combine with the goals you score.”

I don’t want him to change either! The fire, the intent that Costa brings up front is enough to fire up the whole squad and it isn’t like he has a “biting problem” or anything. The Brazilian-born is a street smart footballer who isn’t afraid to give back what he gets, just like Branislav Ivanovic and we love them both, don’t we?

One more thing I have noticed this past season is, Mourinho has never criticised Costa for his on-field attitude. Sure, there have been instances where the 26-year-old has gone a bit over the top, but the manager has always supported him, no matter what:

“I feel very much at ease and neither the manager nor anyone else at the club has said anything to me and at no point have I shown any lack of loyalty at all and so that is good enough for me.”

I think it’s good that Costa has the full support of Mourinho because that helps him express himself on the pitch in the way he feels comfortable. Though, I still don’t understand what he says to the defenders or the referees during a fight on the pitch, because I am pretty sure he still doesn’t speak English!

Lastly, on the subject of Falcao! The two old friends who were together at Atletico Madrid unite again after a couple of years. The only difference is that this time, Costa is the one who is racking up goals and Falcao will have to play second fiddle to him! Unless, somehow, we see the second coming of Falcao and in that case, I pity the defenders!

Let’s hear what Costa has to say on Falcao’s arrival:

“Radamel Falcao is a very talented player who just needs a bit of affection.

“I’ve spent a couple of seasons with him and I reckon things went fairly well. He did a lot for me and he’s a great striker. He’s a top bloke too. He is a really big-hearted guy and that’s the most important thing.

“He is going to get everything he needs and I think he’ll be fine; I suffered an injury similar to his in 2011 and now I’m fine. All he needs is the consistency of regular football and to feel loved – which I think he’ll get from the manager – as well as his team-mates who will all be there for him.

“I think it’s good for us that he didn’t have the best of seasons as that’s why he’s now with us.”

Source – Express

Falcao and Costa are old friends who used to set La Liga on fire, together. Costa thinks that Falcao has still got the capability to get back to his best form. We hope Diego is right! Having an in-form strike f0rce of Loic Remy, Radamel Falcao and Diego costa is sure to cause havoc in oppositions defence!

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