Must Read Interview – The Warrior Talks About Jose Mourinho!

Diego Costa! The hero, the warrior, the ultimate fighting machine has spoken about Jose Mourinho!

The Spanish Striker is a scary person on the pitch. The likes of Martin Skrtel and Sergio Ramos can probably explain it to you better than me! But, off the pitch, he is a surprisingly normal character. The Spanish International sat down for an interview and here’s what he had to say on Jose Mourinho’s character:

“He is a person that lives, loves, fights and works — he is always trying to improve.

“He is that person that you see with the ambition to be victorious, the ambition to win, the ambition to become better.

“That is a point that makes the difference — that ambition to be better than you were last year.”

Ask anyone who genuinely likes Mourinho and he will say the same thing about him. From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to John Terry, everyone loves to work with “the Special One”.

Diego Costa himself is a controversial character on the pitch but reportedly a joker in the dressing room. But, what about Mourinho? How does a fierce competitor like Jose acts amongst his players?

“He is a very intelligent coach. He gives a lot to the players, he is a coach that the players are very close to, which is a thing that is also very interesting — his friendship.

“He is always in the locker room, he is always joking, he is not this serious person that everyone sees outside of the pitch.

“He is a person, who is excellent for us inside the locker room. I think, like I said, that for us he is the best. For people outside its just his way, I don’t want to get into that.

“While he continues to be what he is with us, that wonderful person, and the excellent coach that he is, that is great.”

Just like Costa, Mourinho loves to joke around the dressing room and be friendly with his players. We might not see that funny side of Mourinho in the press conferences, but that doesn’t mean he is always serious or sarcastic. There’s a different side to Mourinho that Costa talks about here.

There were also accusations of Chelsea being boring in the latter stages of the League. Mourinho was criticised for his defensive plays and Costa defends the Portuguese on that matter:

“A season is very long and there will be periods where you’ll be very good and moments where you won’t be as good.

“I think that what’s important, and that’s why I say our coach is intelligent, in a moment when you’re not as good, he chooses the team in a way that minimizes our chances of losing any points.

“The season is long, players get tired, there are moments when players are in poorer form and it is in those moments that he acts.”

Well said! We can’t expect the likes of Wenger to understand that point or else they would actually win something!

Lastly, there has been lots of money invested by our rivals in strengthening their squad. What does Costa thinks of our chances this season?

“I think the biggest opponent will be ourselves.

“If we make but a few mistakes and if we do what we have been doing and work how the coach wants us to work, I think we can win the title again.

“The biggest opponent will be ourselves, the players, individually, each of us wanting to be better than we were last season.”

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I actually agree with Diego Costa there. Although, we did win the League last season and that too in a comprehensive manner, there’s a feeling that we have not yet seen the best of this squad! If everyone can work hard and better their performance and consistency, there’s no doubt why we can’t do it again!

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