Mourinho Applauds The Chelsea Crowd, Takes A Dig At The Rivals!

As Chelsea completed the second pre-season game with a win against our nemesis, Paris Saint-Germain, Mourinho had a press conference and here’s what he said aftermath the game in North Carolina:

“The people gave us an atmosphere which is not normal because, in the end, this is a friendly match.

“This is a match where you are not obsessed with the result, we just want to train.

“You make changes to the team not tactically, you make changes because you have a plan to give a certain number of minutes to everyone, but the people made it a big atmosphere. Thanks a lot for that.

“Maybe, when we don’t have Stamford Bridge for a couple of years, we can come here and play a couple of matches in the Premier League, because we know the support is fantastic.”

If you watched the game yesterday, you would agree with Mourinho too. The Chelsea fans came in numbers and made their voices heard from the stands which was amazing given that, this was just a pre-season friendly.

Mourinho also couldn’t stop himself from making a dig on the rivals who have spent crazy money in this transfer window so far:

“In the beginning of Mr Abramovich coming to Chelsea, Chelsea was buying the title.

“Now, they are buying the title. All of them, they are buying the title.

“It is up to us to be strong and to fight them and, obviously, to try and win it again, even without the big investments.”

Source – SkySports

Manchester United have reportedly spent more than 80 Million Pounds in this transfer window while, Liverpool have overhauled their squad with plenty of new signings. Raheem Sterling has been the Marquee signing for City while, Arsenal have snatched up Cech! No doubt, the Portuguese is furious!

Now, it’s up to us to defend the title with basically the same squad. If yesterday was any indication of what’s about to come, we are definitely on the right track!

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